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published: July 07, 2012

By Sgt. 1st Class Jason L. Kennedy, 2-1st Air Defense Artillery Regiment Public Affairs
Contributing writer 2nd Lt. Ryan Karohl, 2-1st ADA

KUNSAN AB-- Historically, Kunsan Airbase has been an important airbase that defends the Korean peninsula. So who defends Kunsan? The defenders are the Soldiers of Alpha Battery, 2nd Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery (A/2-1 ADA).

In order for the unit to maintain its war fighting proficiency the Soldiers must continually train on their equipment and stay vigilantly up-to-date on their associated technical manuals, standard operating procedures, and mission protocols. To do this, 2-1 ADA commander, Lieutenant Colonel J M. Rose, Jr., tasked the unit’s expert tactical directors to develop and implement a training program that offers Patriot missile crews the opportunity to receive the best training possible; training that will allow them to hone their technical and tactical skills in Patriot air defense gunnery and fire-control.

On June 25, A/2-1 ADA began its weeklong program, aptly entitled “Guardian University,” named after the battalion’s emblem. The training was conducted at the unit’s tactical site in both classroom and field settings. Under the supervision of experienced instructors, Soldiers learned how to perform maintenance and operate their equipment during mock air battle scenarios that modeled the defense of military assets.

Private 1st Class Hugo Hernandez, one of the newest Soldiers of fire-control stated, “I was glad to have the opportunity to train with so many tactical directors.”

Communications operator, Private 1st Class Michael Burkhart, acknowledged that “The classes taught me several steps [To prevent unnecessary loss of time] during [Movement] orders and emplacement drills.”

CPT Anthony DuBose, A/2-1 ADA commander said, “Despite the experience of our Patriot crew veterans, the training was well received and all agree that the new training program is an invaluable tool for improving unit readiness for mission success.”

“The weeklong Guardian University will further enhance our warfighting proficiency to enable us to “Fight Tonight.”

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