Airfield managers keep flight line clear

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Airfield managers keep flight line clear

by: Staff Sgt. Emerson Nuñez | .
51st Fighter Wing PAO | .
published: November 20, 2013

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea  -- The flight line is a vital part of any Air Force base, but it is especially important to Osan, the most forward deployed air base in the world.

The 51st Operations Support Squadron's airfield management team is charged with keeping the flight line in tip-top shape.

"We make sure that local and transient aircraft have a safe area to transition from ground to air, as well as ensure that they have proper clearance to take off and land here," said Staff Sgt. Jessica Brown, 51st OSS airfield management operations supervisor. "We also provide flight publications to ensure they have accurate information while they are flying in the highway of the sky."

The runways must be safe and operable at all times, which includes being free of foreign objects and animals.

"We look for anything that can be hazardous to aircraft," said Tech. Sgt. Erik Naegeli, 51st OSS airfield management training NCO in charge. "We fully inspect the airfield's condition such as the lights and paint, and we clear foreign object debris and disperse birds as needed."

On top of everything airfield managers must do to help the base strive for mission success, exercise kick-offs add even more responsibilities.

"During exercises we are the flight control center for the facility," Brown said. "We disseminate exercise information to each agency within the facility to include air traffic controllers, radar approach controllers and weather personnel. It gets a little stressful, but not unbearable."

The job may be difficult at times, but the airfield management team stands ready to safeguard one of Osan's most vital assets and maintain it at the highest possible standard.

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