Camp Carroll tour to Damyang Bamboo Village, simply breathtaking

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Photo by Park, Bit-Na/USAG Daegu Public Affairs (Intern)
Photo by Park, Bit-Na/USAG Daegu Public Affairs (Intern)

Camp Carroll tour to Damyang Bamboo Village, simply breathtaking

by: Park, Yesin | .
USAG Daegu PAO (Intern) | .
published: October 06, 2014

USAG Daegu -- A recent tour to Damyang Bamboo Village generated a variety of reactions from USAG Daegu and Area IV participants. Ranging from “Wow, it’s so fantastic,” to “Oh boy, it’s unbelievably green,” the group of enthusiastic tourists seemed to be in awe of what could best be described as a green paradise.

The Sept. 20th tour, which was sponsored by the Camp Carroll Community Activity Center (CAC), was perfectly timed as the late summer weather made the stroll through the bamboo village a most unforgettable experience. For children and adults, upon stepping off the bus into Juk-nok-won, which literally looked like a green bamboo forest, the park seemed to come alive.  

A tranquil and quiet place in Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do the bamboo village was crowded with many visitors. Walking up the neatly paved incline inside the village entrance, one could feel the fresh and gentle wind blowing across the bamboo forest. The feeling was breathtaking. The refreshing air penetrated the body, and gave it a new burst of energy. Moving deeply into the forest-like village, the tall and thick bamboo trees caused the natural light to grow dim. At that point, the tourist and the bamboo seem to become one. The scene is even more amazing as a look up into the sky provides an ideal view of just how majestic the bamboo trees are. Just by standing and basking in the sunshine through bamboo leaves, one can feel their mental and physical fatigue slipping away.

Here and there are signposts saying that lots of paths are built on the Juk-nok-won. Each path has its own names such as Contemplation path, Philosophy path, path where love is endless—just to name a few. In addition, all the paths are different from each other in shape and atmosphere. If visiting the site with a loved one, take a walk on the path where love is endless. The experience is sure to be a memorable one. The tour to the bamboo village also offered the Area IV Soldiers, Family members, and DoD civilians a glimpse of the tiny benches and photo zones situated halfway between each path against, an opportunity to take pictures of themselves in a model-like pose.      

At the end of Philosopher path, Han-ok (Korea’s traditional house) Experience Village is constructed around the place full of bamboos and trees. Antique Han-oks and Jeong-jas (traditional resting place) are built around the spacious yard. There, one can also see elegant ponds, various colors of trees, grass and flowers. This village is in no way inferior to the palace of a king, and easily reminds one of a breathtaking movie scene. Across the air, the sound of pansori (Korea’s tradition music) came floating from some unknown location, and further evoked a calm and peaceful atmosphere. At every turn, people were taking photos of these natural surroundings and beautiful views.

To add to an already amazing experience, a bamboo pavilion further enhanced the Damyang Bamboo Village excitement. There, tours could satisfy their taste and curiosity by wandering through a sea of souvenirs, and delicacies. The bamboo leaf ice-cream came highly recommended, and the bamboo fragrance and sweetness of the dessert would please any appetite.

Around Juk-nok-won, a lot of restaurants stand in rows where one can pacify his growling stomach with delicious foods. Most restaurants have somewhat fixed menus; Tteokgalbi (grilled short rib patties), Juksun-muchim(seasoned bamboo sprout) and Daetongbap (rice in a bamboo stalk). The brave and bold might even consider a taste of Daeip (bamboo leaves) liquor. It is said to not have a high percentage of alcohol and smells like bamboo. 

Without a doubt, Damyang Bamboo Village should be on everyone’s list of places to visit while in Korea. Don’t hesitate about where to go. Damyang is a perfect example of peace and tranquility.

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