Camp Humphreys hosts Army Family Action Plan Conference

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Army Family Action Plan Conference participants work to find solutions for issues in their community. (Photo: Kendra Moore, USAG Humphreys)
Army Family Action Plan Conference participants work to find solutions for issues in their community. (Photo: Kendra Moore, USAG Humphreys)

Camp Humphreys hosts Army Family Action Plan Conference

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published: October 30, 2012

CAMP HUMPHREYS -- Being the "Talk of the Town" was not just an expression as Army Community Service hosted the Army Family Action Plan Conference, here.

This two-day event took place Oct. 18-19, in the Super Gym, and was open to the Total Army Family, which included Soldiers of all ranks, Family members, DOD civilians, retirees and contractors.

AFAP is the Army's grassroots process to identify and elevate the most significant quality of life issues impacting the community to senior leaders. Over the years, AFAP has established minimum standards for Army child care; produced an increase in the Serviceman's Group Life Insurance; and developed the first policies for the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) program.

"I think it's awesome," said Pfc. Brittany Durham, assigned to the 532nd Military Intelligence Battalion, who is also a BOSS representative for her unit. "I'm super proud that I can help with the single Soldier aspects of the conference."

"I'm pretty excited about the issues that are being discussed," said Stephanie Tucker, an AFAP volunteer. "I feel like they are going to make real change happen in the community."

And change is part of what the AFAP Conference is about. During the past few months, the Humphrey's community had the opportunity to submit issues of concern in drop boxes around the garrison, including the front desk of ACS and the Exchange Food Court area. These issues are then taken to AFAP, presented in the conference, and the working groups look at the problem and try to find a solution. The solutions are then taken to leadership for consideration and even the possibility of implementation for a better Humphrey's community.

"I liked the encouragement we were given, that 'we can make change,'" said Windy Waldrep, who was in Family Support Group 1. "I think it's a great thing that we do every year. You always have new ideas and new perspectives on how the Army can improve, and I'm glad to be able to participate."

The conference was divided into five groups of delegates: Family Support 1 and 2, Soldiers Support, Single Soldiers/Unaccompanied, and Youth.

Chandler Snow, 16, said, "I think that the topics we've been talking about, they've been really important and it's good that we get our voice heard about certain topics that concern our youth. I think this has been a very positive experience."

Specialist Lyle Drones, assigned to Company A, 304th Signal Battalion, who was in the "Soldiers' Support and Entitlements group," said, "It's been fun. We've been going over a lot of interesting subjects that need to be talked about. We've been learning a lot about the subject and finding solutions on how to fix it. This program has been beneficial."

Isabel Schmitt, an AFAP volunteer said, "I think that this is a terrific opportunity for the community, so we can address the issues that we see, and come up with viable solutions."

"It's (AFAP) about the community taking care of the community," said Suzanne James, ACS director. "Not only do we focus on issues, but we focus on how to make things better. This is a wonderful process unique to the Army."

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