Camp Walker Post Office gearing up for the holidays

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The holiday season will result in an increase of mail flowing through the Camp Walker Post Office. Patrons are asked to pick up their mail regularly due to limited space at the facility.  Photo by Park, Ga-Hyun/USAG Daegu Public Affairs (Intern)
The holiday season will result in an increase of mail flowing through the Camp Walker Post Office. Patrons are asked to pick up their mail regularly due to limited space at the facility. Photo by Park, Ga-Hyun/USAG Daegu Public Affairs (Intern)

Camp Walker Post Office gearing up for the holidays

by: Park, Ga-Hyun | .
USAG Daegu PAO (Intern) | .
published: November 29, 2014

With winter just around the corner, some of the busiest people in the USAG Daegu and Area IV community will likely be the U.S. postal workers.  That’s because for U.S. Soldiers, Family members, DoD Civilians, and retirees, stationed abroad, the season is a reminder of the big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years that tend to make winter a time for greater activity.  It’s also a reminder of all that goes into shopping for presents for loved ones and friends back home, and why getting a head start is always a good idea.

More than familiar with the holiday rush, the Camp Walker Post Office has already made available recommended dates for shipping that special package back to the desired location. According to Shawn Burney, U.S. Postal Officer, Camp Walker, ensuring that every card, letter, and package reaches its destination in time, will require both customer support and planning.  To assist with this process, Burney provided some useful information for post office customers throughout Area IV. He explained that sending a package by Priority or First Class” normally takes 7 to 10 days. SAM (Space Available Mail), on the other hand may take 2 to 4 weeks.

However, as postal officials historically point out, the heavy mail traffic during the holiday season brings with it the possibility of longer than normal delays.  They say that this is because mail volumes tend to be heavier, and airports might close due to heavy winter snow. Taking these things into consideration, and to prevent customer packages from arriving after Christmas, the Camp Walker postal facility is recommending Area IV personnel send their packages as soon as possible.  “If Area IV community members want to send their packages to CONUS (Stateside), Dec. 17th is the deadline in the case of express mail. The deadline is Dec. 10th for First Class letters, cards, and Priority Mail, and Dec. 3rd for SAM. Mailing early increases the chance of your packages arriving before Christmas,” Burney said.

Burney projects an estimated 25 to 40 percent increase in mail volume during the upcoming holiday season. That increase will also have an impact on space at the Camp Walker postal facility. He said, “In this busy season, with a lot of packages coming through, there’s hardly a place to stand so it’s important that mail goes in an out efficiently, and we anticipate brining on additional personnel to help us handle the increased volume of mail.”

To further assist in making the Christmas holiday rush as smooth an experience as possible, Burney provided a few holiday gift wrapping tips.   He explained that the great majority of packages sent during the Christmas season, involve all forms of toys and gifts for kids. “When packing a box or parcel, use bubble wrap or some type of cushioning to prevent damage. Using a box that is a snug-fit will prevent unwanted shifting around, and prevent chances of the item getting crushed by a heavier item while in transit,” he said.

Committed to providing the best possible service, the Camp Walker postal staff is gearing up to make this holiday season a most enjoyable one for the Area IV community. Some might even think of them and Santa and his elves all rolled into one. However you look at it, they plan to serve, as always, every Soldier, Family member, DoD Civilian and retiree, to the best of their ability.

Charged with one of the most awesome responsibilities across the military, day after day they enable the mission in all four corners of the globe. Carrying out the majority of their duties behind the scenes, and out of the lime-light, their efforts still resonate to everyone they support. Clearly, this type of performance motivates postal worker’s – leaving them with a sense of pride and profound satisfaction for their work contributions.  It is their commitment to excellence that ensures the USAG Daegu and Area IV community, while possibly far from home, can still appreciate and enjoy the holiday season.

Offering a final message, Burney said, “Mail early for Christmas, ensure high value items, and gifts are packaged properly in order to prevent damage to the parcel you are sending. As a reminder, since we have limited space here at the post office, help us by checking your mail daily.”

The hours of operation for the Camp Walker Post Office are as follows:  Monday-Friday: 1000-1700 (Finance Window). Mon., Tue., Wed., and Fri. --1000-1800 (parcel pick-up window). Thurs., 1300-1800 (parcel pick-up window). Sat., 1000-1300 (Finance and parcel pick-up window).The Camp Walker Post Office is closed on U.S. holidays.

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