COMMENTARY: Respect heritage, value country

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Usama Ahmed
Usama Ahmed

COMMENTARY: Respect heritage, value country

by: Usama Ahmed | .
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published: February 10, 2017

I wasn't born an American but, as the saying goes, I became one as fast as I could.  My family came to America in 1978.

My Father worked very hard at the local mill to make life better for us, double shifts were the norm.  My mother was the household board of education.

We arrived in the summer between my 4th grade in Yemen and the start of my 5th grade in Ohio. Too many stories between then and now to tell here.

At home we were taught to respect our heritage and value our new country and contrary to recent beliefs, not a very hard thing to do.  You see, loyal service to my country is fueled by my heritage, it's not in spite of it.

Usama Ahmed is a retired first sergeant who currently works aboard Yongsan Garrison as a DOD civilian.

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