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published: April 19, 2014

Good day Area II, it’s good to be back on the peninsula. It sounds like we had

quite a good turnout at all the events that took place last Saturday, especially

at the half-marathon which had over 500 participants. We have more

big events coming up soon like the PACWIDE softball tournament in May

and of course the USAG Yongsan 4th of July celebration. We will be sure to

get the info on these events out to you as soon as we have finalized our plans.

Now for a few items from our Hot Topics;

19 Apr      Easter Celebration at the Hannam Village Chapel (HVC) Annex (1000-1300)

19-26 Apr   USAG Yongsan Earth Week @ Various Locations

20 Apr      Yongsan Community-Wide Easter Sunday Sunrise Service @ DHL Naija Ballroom (0630-0730)

20 Apr      Children’s Easter Egg Hunt @ Memorial Chapel (1230)

23 Apr      ACS Employment Fair @ Dragon Hill Lodge (1000-1400)

24 Apr      Volunteer of the Year Awards Ceremony @ R&R Bar and Grill (1730)

3 May        End of Heating Season

3-4 May     Relay for Life Event @ Seoul American High School Field (0900)

13 May      SAMS SAC Meeting @ School Library (1700)

Quarterly FSBP 2020 Stakeholder’s Meeting: All tenant units are invited to attend Quarterly FSBP 2020 Stakeholder’s Meeting scheduled for 14 May at the ACS Bldg #4106, Classroom 122. The meeting will start promptly at 1300 hours and finish no later than 1430 hours. The POC for this event is Mr. Samuel L. Brooks and he can be reached at 738-5506 or email samuel.l.brooks6.civ@mail.mil.

Yongsan Commissary Closures: The Yongsan Commissary will be closed on Mon & Tues, 28 - 29 Apr to conduct a formal inventory. The Commissary will re-open at 0700 on Weds, 30 Apr for Early Bird and 1000 for regular shopping.  During the closures at the Yongsan Commissary during the formal inventory, the Hannam Village commissary will be open on Mon & Tues, 28 - 29 Apr to help support the community during the extra closure days.

DPW Upcoming Events - USAG Yongsan 2014 Earth Week: USAG Yongsan will observe Earth Week from 19 – 26 Apr.  There will be a number of activities available as we celebrate Earth Week, to include:

- 19 Apr (0800):  Earth Day 5K Fun Run, Walk, Bicycle, Stroll.  Registration begins at 0800 at the Collier Field House with a run start time of 0900.  Free t-shirts will be provided.

- 19 – 26 Apr:  Earth Day educational display at the Yongsan Library.  Free Army Earth Day Posters will be given out to children and kids fun pages and Earth Day related books will be available throughout the week.

- 22 – 24 Apr (0900-1200 & 1300-1600):  Household Hazardous Waste Turn-In at Building #5488 (located behind the Commissary).

- 23 – 24 Apr:  SAMS students trip to the USAG Yongsan Main Water Plant.

- 22 Apr:  Garrison-wide “Walk or Ride Your Bike to Work Day.”

- 26 Apr (0930):  Cultural & Historical Sites bus tour of Yongsan.

R&R Bar and Grill’s Outdoor BBQ has returned!: Come out to the R&R Bar and Grill's outdoor BBQ lunch where you can enjoy chicken, ribs and sausages all fresh from the grill with your choice of sides. The meal is served every Thursday afternoon from 1100-1300.  This seasonal event is very popular with the community so try to get there early if you can!

Tax Center Extended Schedule: To facilitate the high volume of customers seeking tax assistance, the Yongsan Tax Center will now be open until 06

June 2014.  Tax Center hours of operation are 0930-1700, Monday through Friday.  For additional information, please see the attached flyer or call 723-7887.

Now, on to the questions:


Tei Eremus - Can someone please turn the heat down a bit in the px? This afternoon I believe is was a balmy 95 degrees inside. Thank you.


So Blessed Jae -  I have got to set an alert for Q & A time, I always miss it! But yes, DITTO on the heat in the PX!!! Walk out of there sweating lol.


Ms. Eremus, the heat in the Main Exchange was turned off last week and the circulation fans turned on. We will turn on the Air Conditioning units when the temperature thresholds outlined in Army policy and Installation Management Command directives are reached.-CSM W


Tom Whelchel - There is a leak of some sort just outside gate 3. Thank you!


Mr. Welchel, thanks for the observation, the Director of Public Works looked into the matter and we have informed the Yongsan District government of the leak.


Tom Whelchel - Last Sunday (6 April) as I was on my way to the commissary a golf ball came bouncing through the intersection adjacent to the elementary school and landed on the elementary corner. The screens may need to be looked at before a vehicle or person gets hit. I have been at the picnic area in the past when golf balls landed there as well.


Mr. Welchel, I did talk to MWR about this and there are some gaps off to the X Corps side of the net that have been identified with the contractor for repair. There is also a gap at the top of the nets on the picnic side of the driving range but usually the baffles will prevent balls from exiting the range. We will continue to monitor these areas to see where the flaw is.-CSM W


Tom Whelchel -
Good Afternoon!

The week before last, I went to the post office to pick up a package that was delivered to my mail room on 18 Feburary 2014. The reason I went to the post office is that I received a phone call stating that I had a package that was going to be returned to sender because I did not pick it up.

I spoke with the Post Master and he was going to look into it because apparently I was not the only one.

In the 7 years that I have been with this mail room, I have rarely had issues. As a matter of fact, the mail clerks have been pretty great! This year has been pretty bad. The mail room changed hours, they have closed at random times for 'random' events (paday activities, escorting DPW through the building to clean mold, etc), I have received notices of delivery weeks after the package was received, and this time, almost didn't even receive the package.

Overall, I think mail clerks need to be reminded of the seriousness of their jobs and the potential consequences. I am hoping that a visit from the Post Master will straighten things up, but if that doesn't do it, maybe the mail clerks should be assigned to the post office and the post office, and the post office can start issuing mail like they do at Osan A.B.Thanks!


Mr. Welchel, first thanks for the comment in regards to how your experience with the Post Office has been generally positive, and second I thank you for bringing your issue to the postal manager so he can work your issue through the proper channels. We take the handling of mail seriously and we will strive to ensure the our hard working postal employees provide the best support they can to the community-CSM W


Lars Magnus - Another one...why haa the ACS Pavillion in Hannam Village not been cleaned by the Koreans who are contracted to clean up? The other four pavillion areas are cleaned, but the ACS Pavillion has a layer of ash covering the cement ground from the overflowing amount of ash coming from under the BBQ pits. Yet the cleaning crew finds time to hide behind buildings instead of cleaning properly?


Mr. Magnus, are you talking about the BBQ areas that are adjacent to the ACS building located on Niblo Barracks? If so KOHOM is not responsible for cleaning those areas. If tenants are using those areas it is their responsibility to clean up after their selves not KOHOM’s. Regardless ACS will check into those areas and take action in cleaning them up. If the area you are talking about is on Hannam Village leased property please notify the housing office located at HV so they can work with KOHOM to fix the problem-CSM


Lars Magnus - Why were families with families off-base forced to live in on-post housing...especially with a restriction of 1 car and 4 people able to be signed on per ID card holder? This restriction has made family get togethers almost impossible when you add the Active Duty service member having travel restrictions to go to visit at family residences (too far for recall formations)?


Mr. Magnus, I am confused….and I really don’t know how to properly answer your inquiry. Do you mean active duty service members of Korean ancestry that have families (parents, siblings) still residing in Korea?  Regardless if on-post housing is available you will be assigned to government quarters.-CSM W

Have a safe weekend everyone. ~CSM Willing

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