Eighth Army 10- Miler Team prepares for D.C.

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Photo Credit: Pfc. Dongkwon Suh, Eighth Army Public Affairs
Photo Credit: Pfc. Dongkwon Suh, Eighth Army Public Affairs

Eighth Army 10- Miler Team prepares for D.C.

by: Pfc. Dongkwon Suh, Eighth Army Public Affairs | .
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published: October 10, 2014

YONGSAN GARRISON, Seoul, South Korea - Seven Soldiers were selected to participate and represent Eighth Army in the 2014 Army 10-Miler Race in Washington, D.C held on Oct. 12.

The Army 10-Miler race is the second largest ten-mile running competition in the U.S. Its mission is to promote the Army, build espirt de corps, support Army fitness goals, and enhance community relations.

Eighth Army's 10-Miler team, this year, consists of Soldiers serving in different regions in South Korea.

Despite their physical distance, they are continuing their training everyday by contacting one another and sharing their training program. "Lots of miles and speed work," Staff Sgt. Monica Y. Willard, 4-58 Airfield Operations Battalion, A-511 Facility Chief said. "Putting in the miles usually helps me prepare the best for a big race like the ten-miler. Having one long run a week has helped me improve my race time significantly," Willard added.

While this event is new to the half of the members, there are some experienced members as well.

"I started my running career here in Korea at Camp George in Daegu on the cross-country team. I ran my first ten-miler in 2011 and made the Eighth Army team for the first time," Capt. Robert J. Anderson, 501st Military Intelligence Brigade Army Source Selection Supplement said. "I want to bring experience and some talent to the table to allow us to be competitive as possible," Anderson emphasized.

This year is a monumental year for Eighth Army since it is sending a KATUSA Soldier as the representative for the first time. KATUSA--Korean Augmentation To the United States Army-- is a qualified Korean draftee who demonstrates a high level of English fluency and aptitude via a standardized written exam.

Pfc. Seong-Ho Pahng, a KATUSA Soldier serving in Eighth Army Wightman NCO Academy, Camp Jackson, is excited about his journey to U.S. "I was motivated by the fact that I, a KATUSA Soldier, can stand amongst fellow U.S. Soldiers to represent Eighth Army, KATUSA program and my country," Pahng said. "This is a great honor, and I hope my participation be a small, yet resounding step towards the promotion of KATUSA program and strengthening of U.S.-ROK alliance," he added.

Eighth Army Command Sgt. Maj. Ray Devens also emphasized Pahng's participation on the team. "We have U.S. Soldiers and KATUSA Soldiers that are representing all of us," Devens said. "It is really two nations that going out to D.C. together and it really strengthens our partnership and the alliance," he stressed.

Through this great opportunity, Eighth Army is taking another step forward to enhance its partnership with ROK Army and its stewardship: developing a diverse, results-oriented high-performing workforce to meet the challenges of today's and tomorrow's mission.

Eighth Army 10-Miler team members are Capt. Robert Anderson (HHD, 719th MI BN), Capt. Benjamin Joslin (HHC, 2 CAB), 1st Lt. Zachary Miller (1-72 AR BN), Pfc. Pahng, Seong Ho (8A NCOA), Chief Warrant 2 Yi, Su (3-2 GSAB), Capt. Allyson Peetz (8A OSJA), 2nd Lt. Hannah Scott (B CO, 1BSTB), and Staff Sgt. Monica Wiland- 4-58 AOB.

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