Energizing the Osan AB Energy Program

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Energizing the Osan AB Energy Program

by: David Moysey, 51st CES Engineering Flight | .
Osan Air Base | .
published: October 28, 2015

OSAN AIR BASE. Republic of Korea -- Even though October is designated Energy Action Month at DoD facilities around the world, the Air Force's vision of "making energy a consideration in all we do" requires a culture change by everyone.  

Osan's energy consumption is composed of Aviation Operations, Ground Operations and Facility Utilities.  The primary opportunity for energy savings comes from facility utilities, where we annually spend $8M on heating fuel and $11M on electricity.  Despite rate increases, base personnel can make a significant difference in reducing demand on these necessary utilities.

Energy intensity, the average amount of energy needed to support each square foot of a facility, is compared from year to year and facility to facility in order to determine where to focus the most energy conservation efforts.  Over the past 11 years, Osan's Energy Management Team facilitated an energy intensity decrease of 22%, and the savings in FY14 was $5.4M.

This reduction was due to an increase in energy conservation awareness by base personnel, numerous energy conservation construction projects, two "no heat and no cool" seasons per year, and Operation Cold Shoulder in 2013 and 2014.  Operation Cold Shoulder requires facilities without showers or cooking operations to use only cold water in the bathroom sinks from May to October.

The Energy Management Office is excited to announce the first Osan Energy Reduction Competition, slated to run from 1 October 2015 until 30 June 2016.  Each quarter, facilities in four divisions (Dorms, 51 FSS, 51 MSG, and Open) will compete head-to-head in a bracketed competition to determine the biggest energy reducer.  Facility energy consumption will be compared to the baseline set in each quarter from the previous year.  Winners are eligible to receive award money from the Qualified Recycling Program, which can be used for office supplies, facility improvements, appliances, or even unit functions.

To further energize the Energy Program, 57 broken electric meters will be replaced to effectively evaluate the electricity consumption in facilities base-wide.  Electric meters at tenant facilities such as the Hospital, DoDDS facilities, Commissary, and GSAMART are not working properly, and this is causing an under billing of about $44,000 per month in reimbursables. Also, the Energy Management and Control System (EMCS) is scheduled to be repaired and activated in FY16 which will allow HVAC systems and facility indoor temperatures to be controlled from a remote, centralized location. When the EMCS is operational, at least 16 additional facilities will need to be equipped and added to the system.

Future gains in reducing energy consumption will be realized when programmed FY17 and FY18 projects like the base-wide conversion to natural gas and the solar air heater panels at 17 facilities are completed.  As mandated by Executive Order 13693 (2015), federal facilities are required to explore renewable energy sources for new facilities.  Osan is pursuing renewable energy via ground source heat pumps, which uses an underground fluid-filled, circulating loop system that transfers heat to or from the ground for heating and cooling facilities.

So, the next time you see a chance to save energy by turning off bathroom lights when unoccupied, outdoor lights during the day, or a computer monitor at the end of the workday, you should realize that your actions will make a difference.  Also, don't forget to report situations where energy is wasted to the Osan AB Energy Management Office at 784-9176.

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