Exercise tests emergency response capability

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Exercise tests emergency response capability

by: Cpl. Han, Jae-ho | .
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published: June 26, 2012

CAMP HUMPHREYS — Flames dance from a crashed helicopter as casualties cry for help, while rescuers and medical personnel speed to the scene to give aid.

This fictional scenario was part of the annual Full Scale Exercise, held here June 20-22.

The exercise served to evaluate emergency response abilities on post.

Notional incidents included an aircraft crash, a shooter at the commissary and a hostage at the Super Gym.

“This is an annual exercise required by the Department of Defense. Planning for this exercise began six months prior,” said Peter Park, installation emergency manger at the Directorate of Planning, Training, Mobilization and Security. Park served as exercise coordinator.

As part of the exercise, garrison tenant units and city agencies provided support and responded to various scenarios. Units involved included the 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 3-2 General Support Aviation Battalion, the Directorate of Emergency Services and Pyeongtaek city emergency services.

“This exercise was very realistic and it required patience from everyone involved, including dependents and civilians,” Park said. “This year’s exercise was very successful and defined our capability. It was an upgrade from last year and critical capabilities of the garrison were evaluated. I want to thank Douglas Fraser, the Antiterrorist Officer and co-lead planner for this exercise, for his support as well.”

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