HAWC closing its doors; services staying at Osan

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HAWC closing its doors; services staying at Osan

by: Tech. Sgt. Vanessa Arthur | .
51st Aerospace Medicine SQ | .
published: November 08, 2013

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea  -- Today, words like sequestration, furlough, and budget cuts have become a part of our daily vocabulary. Units and work centers across the Air Force have felt the impact of budget cuts. However, none have possibly been hit as hard as the Health and Wellness Centers, or HAWCs.

Air Force wide, HAWCs are losing 75 to 86 percent of their personnel, leaving one, or in some cases two people to continue the mission of promoting healthy lifestyles. The HAWC here at Osan Air Base, is facing a completely different challenge. On Nov. 15, the Osan HAWC will close its doors for good.

For those unfamiliar with the HAWC, it offers a variety of classes such as dietary supplements, recipe modification, strength training, tobacco cessation, weight management, exercise prescriptions, and physical training leadership training.

Although the Osan HAWC may be closing its doors, all of its services will not completely go away. Some of the services that the HAWC currently offers will be transferred to different units, while most will be offered online.

Moving the services online is a great alternative for members wishing to improve their overall health. Accurate and reliable information is now just a click away. The classes that are now available online include: BE WELL, tobacco cessation, dietary supplements, meal planning, recipe modification, weight management, behavior modification, and fitness planning.

BE WELL is now available on ADLS for members who receive an unsatisfactory on their fitness test. Tobacco cessation can now be accessed through militaryonesource.mil or ucanquit2.org. Once a member completes the online class, they can schedule an appointment with their primary care provider to receive nicotine replacement therapy medications.

For members wanting more information on meal planning, weight management, and recipe modification, visit www.USAFLivingFit.com. Dietary supplement, fitness, and nutrition information can be found on HPRC-online.org, which is a co-sponsored DoD Website. Lastly, those who need assistance with behavior modification or want a life style coach, visit militaryonesource.mil.

Members in need of face-to-face nutrition counseling will now need to contact their primary care provider for a referral to nutritional medicine. PTL training will now be taught by the fitness center, please call 784-5568 for more information.

All units wishing to submit Designated Tobacco Area (DTA) waivers will now need to contact the 51st Medical Group Public Health Flight at 784-2515.

Please contact Capt. Dana Thomas at Dana.Thomas@us.af.mil or Tech. Sgt. Vanessa Arthur at Vanessa.Arthur@us.af.mil if you have any questions regarding the HAWC.

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