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Heart Link- Spouse Orientation to the Air Force

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published: January 24, 2013

 OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- I know you didn't take the oath, but here you are. You're far away from home, hearing things like PCS, TMO, MFLC and NEO. What are they talking about?

As the husband or wife of a military member, you are also a part of the military family and culture. You are eligible for many benefits and programs, but also subject to family separations like temporary duties, deployments, and difficult transitions such as being at a new base, adjusting to housing, finding work or enrolling your children in schools. It would be helpful if you could get an orientation to the Air Force, and you can.

At Osan, new Air Force spouses can find the answers to these questions and more through a program called Heart Link.

Heart Link is funded by the Air Force Aid Society, and is offered once a quarter to help spouses gain a better understanding of the Air Force and their base. Spouses learn through guest speakers, interactive segments, giveaways and briefings. Childcare may be available through the Childcare for Permanent Change of Station program and lunch will be provided.

Heart Link topics range from Air Force customs and courtesies, how to read a Leave and Earnings Statement, to a game of "Whose Agency is it Anyway?," where spouses match scenarios to the appropriate base agency. The orientation closes with a focus on the importance of the Air Force family and a graduation where spouses receive a Heart Link coin from the wing commander.

In addition to providing families with resources on base, Heart Link also provides something else that can be valuable to new spouses, a contact network. It is a chance for spouses to connect with other spouses who have had similar experiences.

Although Heart Link was originally created for Air Force spouses of five years or less, we encourage all spouses to attend regardless of their 'time in service' as they all have something to contribute to the mission.

The next Heart Link workshop will take place Feb. 15. For more information or to sign up, call the Osan Airman & Family Readiness Center at 784-5440 or stop by building 769.

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