How times have changed

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WAFs arrive at Kunsan AB for club opening/S&S Photo by Spec. 4 Richard L. Lambert
WAFs arrive at Kunsan AB for club opening/S&S Photo by Spec. 4 Richard L. Lambert

How times have changed

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published: May 23, 2012

KUNSAN AB, Korea — "May I have the next dance?" said the GI to the sergeant.

It wasn't as strange as it sounded, though — the sergeant was a young blonde surrounded by other airmen.

She was one of 15 young American girls invited here by Kunsan airmen for a party — the grand opening of the Airmen's Club here. All were Women in the Air Force (WAF) airmen and lower-grade NCOs from Tachikawa AB. Japan.

As the girls stepped off the plane, the men cheered and the girls waved as they boarded a bus and headed for the newly remodeled club where 314th Air Div. Maj. Gen. Robert W. Maloy cut the ribbon and began the three-day grand opening celebration.

The girls, most of them between 19 and 22, stayed here for four days, and were given hours of Kunsan city Friday and free shopping time on Saturday. In the evenings, they took advantage of the entertainment at the club, including an appearance by Korean star Patty Kim on Saturday evening and stayed at a spare barracks specially reserved for them.

When plans for the celebration we’re being prepared, Sgt. George Comeau, club manager, thought that he would "like to have a grand opening to beat everything else in the Republic." He mentioned his ideas to base officials, and with their help and the help of Special Services, arrangements were made with 5th Air Force, Japan, to let the girls come here.

"Everyone here acted more like gentlemen than the men in Japan," said a pretty young blonde. "I'm sure I’ll come back to Korea for a few clays leave if I can get on another trip like this."

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