Keeping the Wolf Pack ready to fight, Kunsan's newest IG

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Wolf Pack Class 2012-2013
Wolf Pack Class 2012-2013

Keeping the Wolf Pack ready to fight, Kunsan's newest IG

by: Senior Airman Jessica Hines | .
8th Fighter Wing PAO | .
published: July 05, 2012

7/3/2012 - KUNSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- Just as the weather around South Korea changes so do the faces of Airmen stationed at Kunsan Air Base.

The Wolf Pack will soon commence in its first base exercise following a successful Unit Compliance Inspection in April by the Pacific Air Force Inspector General, but this time under a sky of new leadership.

Following 4th of July celebrations, the new leadership will take the reins on leading the Pack through an operational readiness exercises designed to test all members of the 8th Fighter Wing.

And what new eyes-in-the-sky should be watching, but Kunsan's newest Inspector General, Maj Michael Young, who has the responsibility of evaluating Wolf Pack readiness throughout the year.

Recently Young addressed a few questions about his expectations, goals and advice for Kunsan Airmen:

1. What are your goals for the new 2012-2013 class at Kunsan to help prepare the Wolf Pack for its wartime mission?

As the new IG, I am the eyes and ears of the Wolf Pack, and as such I seek to ensure that the mission is accomplished in the best and most efficient manner possible. Thus, my goals are two-fold. First, I seek to resolve any and all distractions to the mission by being a fact-finder and honest broker in the resolution of complaints at Kunsan AB. Second, I will inspect Kunsan AB to ensure that the Wolf Pack can accomplish its mission both daily and during wartime operations. The class of 2011-2012 has done an excellent job accomplishing the mission, and it is incumbent on the new class to learn everything they can from their predecessors. By doing so, the class of 2012-2013 will start-off at an excellent level and work will be focused at maintaining and improving upon the great situation they inherited. If the class of 2012-2013 does not use this changeover time to get as much continuity as possible, it may take 6-9 months of even harder work just to bring the wing back to that previous level of mission accomplishment, a situation I would recommend that we avoid.

2. What do you believe are the Wolf Pack's greatest resources?

The Wolf Pack's greatest resources are its people and their internalization of the mission. Nowhere in the world, including the many contingency operations I have been a part of, have I witnessed the esprit de corps found here in the Wolf Pack. The motivation, creativity, and initiative of each individual member of the Wolf Pack is our greatest strength and is what enables us to accomplish our mission.

3. What can Airmen expect going into the next exercise?

Airmen can expect a "full up" exercise, where operations are run as closely as possible to what they would see in actual combat operations. At the Wolf Pack, we don't "simulate" much, we do what we would actually do during combat. I am personally excited to perform the mission of the Wolf Pack and look forward to each exercise. Exercises provide the clarity and mission focus which I desire, the same focus which caused me to sign up for the United States Air Force years ago. That is what Airmen can expect: one week with extreme focus on and performance of your wartime mission without all of the distractions that one must handle daily in non-exercise environments.

4. What tips would you give Airmen to help them prepare?

I would encourage each Airman to sit down and personally think through his/her role and the specific actions expected of him throughout the exercise. They should be able to do these quickly, thoroughly, and under pressure. This includes wearing MOPP gear, donning MOPP gear for attacks, par sweeps, decontamination procedures, what to do if your buddy suffered an injury-how you would help him, how you would accomplish the mission without them, etc. Each Airman will be expected to perform all of these duties as well as many others throughout the exercise.

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