Mandatory BAH recertification starts this month

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Mandatory BAH recertification starts this month

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published: April 04, 2014

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- A mandatory Air Force-wide recertification of service members entitled to or receiving Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) on behalf of dependents begins this month and extends through the end of this year affecting roughly 2,000 Airmen at Osan Air Base and its geographically separated units (GSUs).

This one-time recertification concerns the with-dependent rate entitlement of BAH which includes military members married to civilian spouses and any children or parents claimed as dependents.

The review began with last year's audit by the Department of Defense on a fellow sister branch in which it was discovered that in many cases supporting documents for BAH recipients were not on file or had not been properly certified.

This Air Force mandated review is to ensure all Air Force members have valid and correct documentation supporting their dependency status whether the member is provided adequate family government quarters or receives money on behalf of the dependent.

Along with supporting documents such as birth or marriage certificates, divorce decrees or dependency determination letters, all affected personnel will be required to complete the AF Form 594, or BAH form.

Members may provide the original supporting document or copies of the original document and the AF Form 594 must contain a wet signature and cannot be digitally signed.

Certifiers from the 51st Comptroller Squadron's Financial Services Office are currently scheduling unit visits to recertify documents rather than requiring Airmen to bring their paperwork to the FSO; squadron first sergeants serve as scheduling liaison between the FSO and unit.

Two weeks ago, the FSO began notifying first sergeants to schedule the unit visits which will be held between April and July.

This process will be a daunting task for the FSO considering the high turnover for personnel assigned to Osan and its GSUs. With this first en masse recertification, the support of senior leadership and patience of affected members will assist the FSO in making the recertification process as smooth as possible.

Anyone who prefers not to wait for unit scheduled visits may go to the FSO located in Bldg. 938 to have their documents reviewed and recertified.

Beginning in August, Airmen who did not have the supporting documents recertified by that time will be notified via email and will be required to deliver the documents to the FSO within 30 days.

Airmen who fail to respond within the 30 days will have their BAH reduced to the without-dependent rate which will not automatically be retroactively reestablished at the with-dependent rate.

For more information, contact the 51st CPTS FSO at 784-1851.

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