MiCare rolls out for Wolf Pack

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MiCare rolls out for Wolf Pack

by: Staff Sgt. Jessica Haas | .
8th Fighter Wing | .
published: September 14, 2013

KUNSAN AIR BASE - Patients at Kunsan can safely and privately communicate with their health care team without ever picking up a phone by using Air Force-wide secure messaging starting Sept. 26, 2013.

Secure messaging is accessible to patients via a website called the MiCare Portal.

"MiCare is a secure, web-based messaging system that fosters communication between the provider and the patient," said Capt. Raymond Funke, 8th Medical Support Squadron Tricare Operations and Patient Administration Flight commander. "It allows the patient to obtain information such as lab results or immunization requirements, as well as the ability to ask questions regarding treatment to the provider without having to use the telephone."

MiCare provides clear, written advice, and it avoids having to make multiple telephone calls to obtain critical information. Additionally, the provider can request information about how treatment is progressing without the patient having to book an appointment or visit the provider.

"MiCare also allows access to an online library of health care material reviewed by board-certified health care professionals, which gives the patient a trusted source for research instead of having to rely on whatever a Google-search provides," said Funke.

Funke continued to explain the benefits of MiCare are numerous. He said it reduces the cost both to the clinic and the patient.

"The clinic reduces cost in terms of time spent on inefficient tasks, like playing phone tag or navigating cumbersome phone trees," said Funke. "The patient reduces their time lost on unproductive phone calls and the costs related to making a trip to the clinic for a visit."

Because the messages are clear and written, communications between the provider and patient are less ambiguous. This allows the provider to clearly understand what is happening to the patient as well as allows the patient to understand the intent of the provider.

Lastly, it provides a secure medium to encourage communication between the patient and provider.

To begin using the MiCare Portal, patients must register through their health care provider at Kunsan's clinic. Registration is a one-time event and patients will remain in the system from base to base.

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