Mustangs' Robust Readiness for the Unit Effectiveness Inspection

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Mustangs' Robust Readiness for the Unit Effectiveness Inspection

by: Lt. Col. Russ Gorecki, 51st Fighter Wing Inspector General Inspections | .
Osan Air Base | .
published: February 01, 2014

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- Mustangs, we have the opportunity to shine once again in March with a Unit Effectiveness Inspection, or UEI. Inspections are continuing to improve since the Air Force published Air Force Instruction 90-201, the Air Force Inspection System, on Aug. 2, 2013. Other than planning logistics and administrative support for the visiting Pacific Air Forces Inspector General team, there is no further inspection "preparation" because the Air Force has deemed it wasteful and could even hurt our overall score. The AFIS inspects over time compared to one massive inspection, so that is why it is essential to maintain our continual performance and compliance. Think of the UEI as a photo album compared to a class picture.

From March 14 - 19, PACAF IG will conduct a UEI Capstone event for the 51st Fighter Wing. Additionally, PACAF IG personnel will host a cross section of the wing in Airmen-to-IG sessions, or ATIS, in accordance with AFI 90-201 paragraph 4.8.2. There is no master question file to study for ATIS, and no wrong answer. Facilitators appreciate your honest and open communication. PACAF IG will also seek an audience with our spouses, too.

You've been trained to perform your part of the mission and already do a remarkable job each and every day. Thank you! Always consider exhibiting a positive attitude and your genuine excitement to show off your particular role to the inspector. You can learn more about the details of a UEI by going to, entering "AFI90-201" in Product Number/Title Search and clicking Find. Chapter 4 describes the UEI much more thoroughly. Feel free to ask your supervisor if you have any questions on AFIS as well.

Maintain the focus of the wing's number one priority of robust and realistic readiness and the UEI inspection results should reflect on our capability to maintain stability across the peninsula.

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