Myline provides a lifeline

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Myline provides a lifeline

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published: May 23, 2012

In the days before the internet and VOIP(voice over Internet protocol) communications it was not uncommon for homesick soldiers and airmen on their first overseas tour to spend half of their month’s salary on phone calls to family and friends back in the states.
 Times change and now anyone with a computer can now spend as much time as they  like talking the night away all for the price of monthly internet service. 
 However, most of us don’t carry our laptop with us everywhere we go. We miss the convenience of being able to both call and receive phone calls from home on our cell phones without having to pay for an international call. And that is where Myline enters the picture.
 According to Peter Chong, Business Manager at SS Trade, they were contacted by a company called INY Telecom. The proposal was to use the newest technology to make keeping in touch with friends and family in another country as simple as if they were down the street. SS Trade then started Myline, which is still the only company in Korea providing this service.
 Myline issues its customers a U.S. phone number which is assigned to a cell phone.  Then friends and family can call just as if your phone were in the U.S.  The monthly fee varies based on the length of your contract, and any options you have with it.
 You must first have an existing cell phone account with a service provider. The plan you have with your cell phone provider determines how many free minutes you have each month. You have unlimited minutes for calling or making calls under Myline. Myline recommends that you get a plan for  your cell phone which fits your calling needs. It may be more expensive up front but may save you a great deal of money in the long run.
 “We don’t recommend one [Service provider] company over another” said Chong. “But our customers should choose a plan which fits their calling habits.”
 Mynumber is one of the optional services provided: you can have up to 20 U.S.  phone numbers assigned (free with Myline service) each of the 20 numbers will be assigned a Korean number beginning with 013 so you do not have to go through international calling procedures. Just register the number for “Mom” in your cell phone and then call as a local Korean number.
 If you come from a large family or are incredibly popular back home, you can add up to another 20 U.S. numbers for $2 per month.
 You must sign up for a minimum of 6 months to start with Myline. However, Myline is sympathetic to the situation of those in the military. So, if you get orders to PCS earlier than you planned, take a copy of your orders to the nearest Myline office and you can cancel your contract.
 Myline is located on or near most major U.S. bases in Korea you can find the location nearest you by going to then click onto the locations tab.
 Myline is now launching a new program known as Plus Number Service.  Customers will earn points as they make domestic calls.  With the points earned, they can then purchase mobile coupons (sent via MMS) such as free Starbucks coffee coupons.  Just download and install the Plus Number Service application from Google Market. (Several apps are registered at Google Market. All the service is provided by SS Trade.)
 After simple SMS (text message) authentication, there is no need to launch the app to use the service.  
Just dial your friends and families normally the points will be awarded. An Apple iPhone version is coming out in June.
 If you haven’t visited the Myline store, make it a point to do so. You, your wallet and your family and friends will all be glad you did.

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