Natural talent comes alive for multimedia illustrator

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PFC Hayley Kate Gardner, HHC, USAG Daegu is all about attention to detail as she works with computer-generated art work. Photo by Park, MyeongShin
PFC Hayley Kate Gardner, HHC, USAG Daegu is all about attention to detail as she works with computer-generated art work. Photo by Park, MyeongShin

Natural talent comes alive for multimedia illustrator

by: Park, Myeong-Shin (Intern) | .
USAG Daegu Public Affairs | .
published: August 01, 2014

USAG DAEGU -- Matching a job with a person's interest and aptitude is not always easy. So, when it does happen, the synergy effect is enormous, and that's why since her short time in Daegu, Pfc. Hayley Kate Gardner, HHC, USAG Daegu, has almost everybody talking.

Assigned to Camp Henry's Visual Information Service Center, the multimedia illustrator can from sheer imagination, draw just about anything that comes to mind. A Soldier who is filled with enthusiasm, Garner is a perfect example of the men and women in uniform, who in addition to their MOS (Military Occupational Specialty), often possess a natural talent that can be called nothing short of amazing.

As part of her daily on- the- job responsibilities, Pfc. Gardner creates computer-generated artwork for U.S. Army publications and productions as a multimedia illustrator. Although she has been in Daegu only for several months, she is already well known to the community. The young Soldier shared that she started drawing when she was in kindergarten, and she attributes that to her parents.

"My parents discovered my talent. My mother, who once was a painter herself, immediately recognized it, and has been my biggest supporter," said Gardner.

The Soldier added that her mother, after having thoroughly evaluated the quality of her artwork, determined that it was good enough to be sold.

"Even when I did not have conviction, my mother assured me that my work was good enough," said Gardner.

A funny thing happened on the way to growing up. Gardner said that she did not consider drawing as a lifetime pursuit until her high school art teacher acknowledged her skill. It would be sometime after she graduated, that a job as a multimedia illustrator in the U.S. Army would bring her big happiness.

After only one year in the Army, she says she still finds joy in the challenge of being a multimedia illustrator.

"There is deep relation between drawing and my job-- especially when people don't have file of a drawing, but might only have a piece of paper. I draw or create that idea digitally on a computer," she said. The Soldier coyly admitted, "I don't think I'm used to doing it yet. In other words, it's really weird to draw while I'm in the office, because what I have to do is my hobby, and it is what I love doing."

Already in great demand, Gardner knows how to prioritize her work, and how best to apply her skills. At every opportunity, she finds ways to further develop what she loves best ... art. So, it comes as no surprise that she has become more and more popular around the community for the quality of her products.

Realizing that time is of great importance because there are many customers to serve, the talented Soldier can draw whatever is needed on average, within 10 minutes. Understandably, however, the more detailed subjects will require a bit more time. In cases such as portraits, Pfc. Gardner is able to immediately capture some characteristics, and sketch them in detail. However, there seems to be no end to her talent.

She designs tattoos from abstract forms, and paintings of animals to meet the interests of the individual. In addition to that, the young Pfc. also draws landscapes, and plants, and she does so by using various artists tools. She draws imaginary creatures by combining different characters, as well. The ability to cover a wide range of genres is something she claims provides her great inspiration.

She said, "While I consider the military as a stepping stone for self-development, and motivation, it is when I am able to express my emotions and experiences through drawing, that I find inspiration."

For now, Gardner said she is focusing on her military duties and position--but not stopping her drawing. "If I do my best, I can get a much bigger at having people notice my drawings. One of her goals is to design company t-shirt. At HHC, USAG Daegu, her leadership, as well as other Soldiers within the company, are fans of her work.

"They sometimes want to pay me for my work, but I don't charge them anything. I don't care about money. I just like people to see and like my work," she said. During the interview, the Soldier said many times with great confidence, "I love my work."

Clearly, such passion and all her efforts and commitment will for a long time to come, have people looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this young soldier in the world of art.

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