Navy to Track ITEMPO Reporting

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Navy to Track ITEMPO Reporting

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published: November 13, 2012

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) -- The Navy has reestablished a formal Individual Personnel Tempo (ITEMPO) Program Management Office to administer the program, train commands and provide assistance to the Fleet with compliance, according to a message released, Nov. 9.

The term ITEMPO means the amount of time Sailors are engaged in their official duties at a location or under circumstances that make it infeasible for them to spend off-duty time in their residence. These absences are defined in ITEMPO as deployment events and non-deployment events. Individual units are responsible for reporting data to the ITEMPO reporting system.

"As deployment lengths and schedules change based on world events, the impact to Sailors and families is of paramount interest to Navy leadership," said Mark Gill, ITEMPO program manager, Navy Personnel Command (NPC). "ITEMPO is the centralized tool to track this information so reporting compliance is essential."

According to NAVADMIN 335/12, commands must track all deployment events in ITEMPO. Deployment events are defined as operations, exercise, unit training, home station training and mission support temporary duty. An ITEMPO User Guide is available at

The Navy waived the requirement to track non-deployment ITEMPO events in the ITEMPO System. ITEMPO non-deployment events include TAD to schools, hospitalizations within the local permanent duty station and brig prisoners.

All Navy commands and activities are required to report ITEMPO deployment events using the ITEMPO system via BUPERS Online (BOL) at Commanding officers, or the command ITEMPO representatives, can also log on to BOL under the NavPers Legacy & ITEMPO page and review the user guide for instructions on how to document ITEMPO.

The ITEMPO Program Management office is available to provide training, advice and assistance to the fleet regarding ITEMPO policies and procedures. They can also provide system access and feature a help desk to support the Fleet.

According to the message, NPC plans to issue ITEMPO reporting compliance scorecards to budget submitting offices each month to track compliance.

For more information and a complete list of ITEMPO points of contact read NAVADMIN 335/12 or contact the ITEMPO System Help Desk at

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