No time-out for fire safety during Labor Day

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Photo by Mary Grimes
Photo by Mary Grimes

No time-out for fire safety during Labor Day

by: Mary Grimes | .
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published: August 31, 2013

DAEGU GARRISON — Children have a lot to lose, and this is just one of many sound reasons why fireworks are not allowed on any U.S. Army Garrison or DoD property -- except for officially controlled and sanctioned displays.

Young people suffer the great majority of fireworks injuries around the world. Fireworks typically harm the eyes, head, or hands. These injuries can result in blindness, permanent scarring, amputation, and all too often, death.

Teach children at an early age that fireworks are explosive devices, they are not toys. Be sure children understand it is too risky to pick up or even be near fireworks and teach them to tell an adult if they find fireworks.

Remember, that around the world, people celebrate different occasions with fireworks than what we typically find in the United States. Also, there are many different styles of fireworks you simply may have never have seen. Fireworks in any shape, size or color can spell disaster for both children and adults in the blink of an eye.

The simple “Sparkler” causes hundreds of injuries to children. They are designed to burn hot, and can reach temperatures as high as 1800°F. Sparklers stay hot long after they’ve burned out too. You wouldn’t hand a matchbook or lighter to a child to wave around and play with, so why would you give a child a sparkler to hold?

Food for thought: Bystanders are more often injured by fireworks than users themselves!

Labor Day marks one more time to break out the barbecue grill before summer comes to an end. Across Korea, the Fire Prevention professionals along with the Safety experts have been hammering the need for BBQ safety. So, remember the basic rules to having a fun BBQ anytime of the year:

• Keep children and anyone behaving like a child away from barbeque grills.

• Never barbeque indoors.

• Do not place grills on wood decks or under overhangs.

• After applying charcoal lighter fluid to the coals, wait a minute before lighting the coals. NEVER add lighter fluid to hot or warm coals.

• DO NOT – EVER - use gasoline or kerosene as a starter fluid for charcoal grills; only use approved BBQ lighter fluid.

• Used coals should be disposed of in a metal can. Coals have been known to smolder for days after they were used.

• Never leave a barbeque grill unattended.

• Keep Grills at least 10 feet away from buildings and combustibles

For questions concerning Fire Safety, contact you area Fire Prevention Office.

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