Osan challenges the critical days of summer

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Lt. Gen. Marc Jouas, 7th Air Force commander
Lt. Gen. Marc Jouas, 7th Air Force commander

Osan challenges the critical days of summer

by: Staff Sgt. Stefanie Torres | .
51st Fighter Wing PAO | .
published: June 02, 2012

5/31/2012 - OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- As the weather starts to warm up and Airmen start to venture outdoors, an increase of mishaps and fatalities also tend to rise.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the Air Force focuses on the Critical Days of Summer campaign in order to remind Airmen that when it comes to safety, individual decisions can impact loved ones, friends, co-workers, and the entire Air Force family, according to a tri-signature memorandum developed by the Air Force's top three leaders.

This year's campaign, which runs May 25 - Sept. 4, is titled "Safety - it's personal," and features a new message for each of the 15 critical weeks, explained Staff Sgt. Kevin Ford, 51st Fighter Wing ground safety technician.

"We always have to take care of ourselves and each other," said Ford. "This is especially important during these next 15 weeks when there is a trend in accidents from high-risk activities."

To help Osan Airmen avoid injury, the safety office has added the Summer Safety Challenge to give each squadron an opportunity to compete for the grand prize of a one-day pass and traveling trophy. The competition runs May 24 - Sept. 4 and features different risk-assessment activities units can do to gain the most points.

"Units just have to designate some time on the list we provide to gain points," said Staff Sgt. Anthony Little, 51st FW ground safety technician. "The challenge gives everyone a chance to get involved and lets everyone have a little fun at the same time."

Some activities include completing foreign object checks on the flight line, seat belt and bicycle compliance checks, and writing a safety awareness story or video for the base, Little explained.

According to Lt. Gen. Marc Jouas, 7th Air Force commander, the Air Force lost four Airmen to on-duty mishaps and 45 Airmen to off-duty mishaps over the past three years. Although riding motorcycles, playing sports and partaking in outdoor activities cannot be avoided altogether, fatalities and injuries can be mitigated through risk management.

"We use risk management to make split second decisions all the time," Little said. "People can break down their activities using ACT -- assess the environment for risk, consider options to limit risk, and take appropriate action. If we just take the time to remember that, this could save our lives and the lives of our wingmen."

15 Modules for Critical Days of Summer

May 24 - 30  (Week 1)
Wingmen: It's Personal - Take Care of Each Other

May 31 - June 6  (Week 2)
Beat the Summer Heat:

June 7 - 13  (Week 3)
Water Safety: Have Fun & Be safe

June14 - 20  (Week 3.5 / 4)
Sports & Rec, not Wreck

June 21 - 27  (Week 4 / 5)
Trip Planning

June 28 - July 4  (Week 5 / 6)
Celebrate the 4th - Live to see the 5th

July 5 - 11   (Week 6 / 7)
PMV-2 - Ride Smart Motorcycles

July 12 - 18  (Week 6.5 / 8)

July 19 - 25  (Week 7 / 9)
Camping/Hiking Safety

July 26 - Aug. 1  (Week 7.1 / 10)
Outdoor Cooking Safety

Aug. 2 - 8  (Week 7.2 / 11)
Sober is Safer: Thinking then Drinking

Aug. 9 - 15  (Week 7.3 / 12)
Summer Weather Challenges

Aug. 16 - 22  (Week 8 / 13)
ATV Off Road Motorcycle Safety

Aug. 23 - 29  (Week 9 / 14)
PMV-4/GMV; Slow Down Pay Attention

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