Osan installs motion sensor lights, conserves energy

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Osan installs motion sensor lights, conserves energy

by: 1st Lt. Kay M. Nissen | .
51st Fighter Wing PAO | .
published: January 30, 2014

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- The Energy Management team has begun installation of motion sensor lights in base facilities here in an effort to conserve energy and save the base thousands of dollars each year.

The project, which targets facilities with the greatest potential for energy savings, began in October 2013 and is scheduled to be complete mid-February.

"Motion sensor lights ensure that electricity is being used efficiently only in sections where there is activity. The sensors are an important component of our utility account budget which affects our future budget," said Capt. Matthew Tubtim, Energy program manager. "A simple act such as turning off a switch can contribute to big reductions for the base. The key is having the whole base involved, not just single Airmen."

The motion sensor light installation will be the first base energy project completed in the last two years. In addition to previous energy projects which installed occupancy sensor controls in many dorms, the ongoing project will install sensors in two additional dorms and 16 office and industrial buildings.

"Personnel often forget to turn off the lights when leaving their work area, the office bathroom, and dorm lounges (or) kitchens," said David Moysey, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron efficiency manager. "The light bulb wattage, number of light fixtures, the kilowatt hours of savings per year, and the electricity rates were analyzed, and the annual energy savings was determined to be about $36K in the first year."

The project was approved and funded by Pacific Air Forces, and supports the goal of the EM team to ensure the base spends energy dollars responsibly while complying with Department of Defense and Air Force directives.

Future sensor lighting projects will be recommended based on energy audit findings performed at each facility by the base EM Team. The audits are conducted at least once every four years at each facility in accordance with Air Force Instruction 90-1701.

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