Osan spouses club cookbook offers taste of community

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Osan spouses club cookbook offers taste of community

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published: November 09, 2012

The way to a base’s heart is through its stomach. Or at least that may be what the Osan Officers’ Spouses’ Club was thinking when it decided to publish “We Eat Together! (Gachi Meogeupsida),” a cookbook compiled from hundreds of recipes submitted by people from all over the Osan Air Base community.

Reduced to a more manageable 250 recipes, the cookbook is divided into nine sections covering a wide menu, among them Soups & Salads, Vegetables & Sides, Main Dishes & Meats, Desserts & Treats, and Global Fare & Cuisine.

“The cookbook was just a need that we felt Osan had,” said Kande Hein, who is in charge of publicity for the OSC. “We have a group that has resources, talent and time, and felt it would be a good way to raise funds.”

She stressed, however, that recipe submissions were not limited to club members.  “In the book we say it is ‘A cookbook from the Osan community, for the Osan community.’ Recipes came from men and women, officers and enlisted, active duty and civilians.”

Many of the recipes are of dishes brought to events or pot luck dinners that have consistently received rave reviews, Hein said, so she feels confident that they are good.

The recipes also offer personalized notes from the people that submitted them, like “My grandma always made this” and “I always bring these to every pot luck we have and they are gone in no time at all,” to make them more than just some cooking directions, she said.

The club solicited recipes through social media and other means, first asking for them in general and then fine-tuning its requests to obtain the types of dishes they needed more of to achieve a good balance between the nine sections.

OSC members then designed the cover and provided photos for the section pages.

When it came to naming the book, we held a contest, said Hein. “People submitted English names and Korean names. The name selected was submitted as a pair in English and Korean.”

The club ordered a first printing of 200 copies, enough to make a profit, but it feels confident that a second printing will be needed. “Any extra will be icing on the cake,” said Hein.

Money raised through cookbook sales will be used for social and cultural activities at the OSC. These are important for the members and help them achieve the unity needed for their charitable work, Hein said.

For a complete list of the base organizations they support, see the club’s website at www.osanosc.com/.  

“We Eat Together! (Gachi Meogeupsida)” is available for advance purchase via the Osan OSC homepage at www.osanosc.com/,  and will be on sale on Nov. 15, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Osan BX Food Court. It costs $15 for one book and $25 for two.

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