Poems about the military family

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Poems about the military family

by: Latorial Faison | .
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published: April 16, 2013

Editor's note: Here are a couple of poems about a military family written by Latorial D. W. Faison who is a poet, author and educator. She wrote this poem last month for a soldier to share with her children during a promotion ceremony. To check out more of Faison’s work, go to www.latorialfaison.com.

My Daddy's a Hero
My daddy’s a soldier.
He has a special job.
Serving our
country daily,
He works really hard.

He wears a special uniform.
It’s camouflage green.
Protecting people’s freedom
Has been my Daddy’s dream.

Daddy’s job is great,
And the people are really nice.
But they often take long trips
And are gone for many nights.

My Hero, My Child
My days are often endless
Rest and relaxation are often few
But I could not be a soldier
Without the love and
support of you
You serve right along
with me
I take you everywhere I go
Across the nation,
across the seas
And I need you to know
I understand your challenges
I know all that you’ve
been through
This lifestyle demands so much
From the military child too
I love you more than life
I have loved you all the while
I’ll always treasure what
you are to me
My hero, my child


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