Prenatal care available at Humphreys Health Clinic

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In the Camp Humphreys Health Clinic Obstetrics Team Room, preparing for prenatal education classes, are 1st Lt. Krystal Dabon and Melanie Cox. – U.S. Army photo by Capt. Brian Bolton
In the Camp Humphreys Health Clinic Obstetrics Team Room, preparing for prenatal education classes, are 1st Lt. Krystal Dabon and Melanie Cox. – U.S. Army photo by Capt. Brian Bolton

Prenatal care available at Humphreys Health Clinic

by: Capt. Brian Bolton | .
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published: March 09, 2013

CAMP HUMPHREYS – The Camp Humphreys Health Clinic offers a variety of primary care services to the Humphreys Community.

The obstetrics team at the Clinic strives to provide quality prenatal care. The team consists of nursing support and a Primary Care Manager with a focus on obstetric care.

“The team manages the care of beneficiaries with uncomplicated pregnancies until 36 weeks gestational age for Humphreys beneficiaries who intend to deliver at Brian A. Allgood Community Hospital at Yongsan,” said 1st Lt. Krystal Dabon, when describing the function of the team. “Pregnant women with significant health concerns may be advised by their PCM to receive prenatal care at BAACH, Dankook University or consider returning stateside, depending on their particular health history.”

BAACH provides obstetric services for prenatal care and term deliveries. Pregnant women that plan delivery at BAACH should plan to stay in proximity to Yongsan Garrison by at least 38 weeks gestational age (two weeks before the estimated due date) to allow prompt medical attention when in active labor.

With the Stork’s Nest closing, leadership is actively seeking alternative options to lessen the potential out-of-pocket expenses for this stay.

Melanie Cox, an OB nurse on the “Red Team” at Humphreys Health Clinic said, “Given the distance, weather conditions, traffic and other variables, please do not consider driving to BAACH from Humphreys when in labor. This could have unknown consequences to health and safety.” Her role on the OB team focuses on group education and the one-on-one “first step, OB-A portion of the OB care process.”

Due to the distance to Yongsan Garrison, pregnant women from here may choose to have prenatal care and delivery at Dankook University, in Cheonan, south of Camp Humphreys. The accredited university hospital location has obstetrics services, a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and an International Clinic. Non-command sponsored family members will have out-of-pocket costs for care received in network facilities and should visit the TRICARE Office on the second floor of the Humphreys Health Clinic (Bldg. 555).

Buses from Camp Humphreys travel frequently, on a routine schedule each day to Yongsan. Free bus tickets may be available for patients that have confirmed scheduled appointments at BAACH via TRICARE for family members and from unit leadership for Soldiers. A free TRICARE transport van is available twice daily to and from Dankook University appointments. Reservations with the TRICARE office are required in advance.

“When you find out you are pregnant or transfer from another location while pregnant, please come to the clinic for evaluation,” said Christie Freedman, a registered nurse and the Red Team leader. During that first evaluation, the care team may recommend a confirmatory urine pregnancy test and Primary Care Manager (PCM) change to one of the providers credentialed in obstetrical care.

“After pregnancy confirmation, the beneficiary is scheduled for an educational presentation in a group setting,” Freedman said. The presentation is held most Thursdays, at 3 p.m. A Korean speaking nurse accompanies the group on most days for assistance and additional educational expertise. Patients will not be asked to share any personal information with the group. Anyone interested, pregnant or considering pregnancy, is welcome to attend. Reserving a seat is strongly encouraged.

“After attending the educational presentation, the first prenatal visit will be a scheduled appointment with me or one of our other nurses for additional screening and education,” said Cox. The first appointment with a PCM is typically 10 to 12 weeks from the start of the last menstrual period. The first appointment can be scheduled after the initial nursing visit and recommended testing is completed.

“Soldiers requesting consideration for curtailment will be given a memo for their commander after the first prenatal appointment with the PCM,” said Dabon. “Soldiers are required to participate in Pregnancy and Post-Partum Physical Fitness (PPPT), unless medical recommendations are provided otherwise. The clinic is open Monday through Friday, during regular business hours, to ensure they have a plan for emergencies outside of routine business hours.”

The Care Team can assist pregnant beneficiaries with questions or concerns at 737-CARE (2273). Those who suspect they are in labor or have an emergency, should proceed to the nearest Emergency Room (Dankook University is the nearest hospital with OB services) or in the Humphreys community call 031-690-7911 for emergency medical transportation.

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