Seventh Air Force welcomes new command chief

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Chief Master Sgt. Scott A. Delveau, 7th Air Force command chief.
Chief Master Sgt. Scott A. Delveau, 7th Air Force command chief.

Seventh Air Force welcomes new command chief

by: Maj. Eric Badger | .
7th Air Force PAO | .
published: May 22, 2012

5/18/2012 - OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- The 7th Air Force welcomed its new command chief when Chief Master Sgt. Scott A. Delveau arrived at Osan Air Base May 6.

As the new 7th Air Force command chief, Delveau serves as the principle senior enlisted advisor to the commander on the morale, welfare, training, mission readiness and effective utilization of the commands more than 9,000 combat-ready personnel assigned to two wings, five collocated operating bases and 19 geographically-separated operating locations. He ensures the combat readiness of the command through sound policies, practices and training.

Lt. Gen. Jan-Marc Jouas, 7th Air Force commander, welcomes Chief Delveau's arrival.

"We are very grateful to have Chief Delveau's leadership and experience," the general said. "As a former Wolf Chief, First Sergeant, and combat proven Battlefield Airman he is a tremendous addition to the 7th Air Force team and our mission readiness."

In fact, Delveau's last assignment was as Command Chief of the 8th Fighter Wing at Kunsan AB, Korea.

"I really enjoyed my time at the Wolf Pack," said Delveau. "They are awesome Airmen who work very hard."

But now, Delveau is calling upon his tenure as Wolf Chief and vast 28 years of experience to answer the challenge set before him by Lt. Gen. Jouas.

"I'm incredibly humbled that Lt. Gen. Jouas decided to hire me as his command chief," he said. "I know his faith in me comes with an incredible obligation on my part to take care of all the Airmen within 7th Air Force."

Delveau says his top priorities are clear-cut - do whatever it takes to deter aggression from the North, and ensure all Airmen are treated fairly and receive appropriate, timely recognition for their hard work.

In addition, Delveau stresses the importance of proficiency in combat skills and mission readiness.

"We are never to forget why we are here and take that mission very seriously," he said. "I expect the Airmen within 7th Air Force to be ready for armed conflict by routinely exercising their warrior skills, and to be completely proficient in the skills required in their Air Force Specialty Codes and the Airman's manual."

Furthermore, he seeks to enhance the morale and readiness of the 7th Air Force enlisted force by sticking to the basics--getting out from behind the desk and meeting people where they work.

"I really look forward to getting out into all the units within the command to understand the concerns of the Airmen and their respective missions," said Delveau. "After only a few short weeks here at Osan, I'm completely in awe over how much happens here every day."

Delveau's vision for the 7th Air Force includes reinforcing our ability to deter conflict, and to decisively defeat any adversary should deterrence fail.

"My ultimate goal is to assist all 7th Air Force units in their quest to prepare their Airmen for conflict," he said. "We are only in an Armistice, which means armed conflict could start up at any time. We have to be ready to fight tonight! Being ready means training and deterring our potential enemy to the point they realize it would be foolish to attack the Republic of Korea."

According to the command chief, we must continue to enhance our ability to respond when our nations call, and take our responsibility as goodwill ambassadors to heart.

"My perspective is simple - we are a part of the armed forces of our country," he said. "First, we need to understand the responsibility and trust given to us by not only the citizens of the United States, but also the people in the Republic of Korea. Secondly, behave in a manner that does not diminish that trust and realize we all serve as ambassadors to our country."

Delveau challenges enlisted personnel to challenge themselves - be proactive, exhibit initiative and continue to grow personally and professionally.

"Don't shy away from new challenges such as special duties, different duty positions, additional duties, volunteering and the etceteras," he said. "Stepping out of your 'comfort zone' to do different things will make you a better Airman and help prepare you for future leadership roles."

Delveau entered the United States Air Force in July 1984. During his career as a Tactical Air Command and Control Specialist, he's held qualifications as an Enlisted Terminal Attack Controller (ETAC), Instructor, Terminal Attack Controller (ITAC) and Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC). He has been assigned at Army armor, mechanized infantry, infantry and aviation units as well as the Joint Readiness Training Center. As a first sergeant, he's worked with thousands of special tactics, technical training, mission support, air control, aircraft maintenance and MAJCOM staff Airmen.

"I'm honored to represent the enlisted men and women of 7th Air Force," he said. "Bottom line, I think the enlisted personnel understand the mission here in Korea and are ready to fight tonight if required."


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