Symbolic paintings of the Alliance Unveiled

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Photo Credit: Private First Class Park, Geesung Eighth Army Public Affairs
Photo Credit: Private First Class Park, Geesung Eighth Army Public Affairs

Symbolic paintings of the Alliance Unveiled

by: Private 1st. Class Park, Geesung , Eighth Army Public Affairs | .
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published: October 04, 2014

YONGSAN GARRISON, Seoul, South Korea-Eighth Army hosted an unveiling ceremony for illustrative paintings donated by Mr. Cha Dae Young at the Eighth Army Headquarters Sept. 30.

Three paintings were donated to the command as a collaboration of work by renowned Korean visual artist Cha Dae Young and Cpl. Kim Sou Sou, a grand prize winner of Hoguk Art Competition.

"When I looked at the print of these pictures, what immediately stopped me were the red, and the taeguk," Lt. Gen. Bernard S. Champoux said during his opening remarks. "The red represents the blood that was shed for this alliance, which is the reason why this alliance is so strong. We've stood shoulder to shoulder since the Korean War." Champoux said. "And just like these two mountains in the painting, this alliance today stands tall and strong."

Mr. Cha also shared his thoughts about his deeds. "My impression of the Eighth Army was that, every since the Korean War, although they have the nationality of United States; the mentality they share is Korean. So I really wanted to donate paintings that would have meaning, value, and stories of their own."

Mr. Cha continued, "As an artist, reflecting on myself, I believe that the ultimate purpose of an artist is to provide selfless service that can be of use to people. So although some might say that I have been a key player in solidifying and strengthening the ROK-US Alliance, for me it was just a humble service, and I'm just honored to be part of small contribution of whatever I can do for ROK-US Alliance."

After remarks from Mr. Cha, the symbolic pictures were unveiled.

Following the unveiling ceremony, a group photo was taken in front of the paintings and most attendees continued to linger throughout the foyer to spend more time enjoying the paintings.

Eighth Army continues to work as ambassadors for our nation and partners with and built on friendship and shared values.

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