TRICARE meets affordable care act minimum coverage requirement

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TRICARE meets affordable care act minimum coverage requirement

by: Jennifer Zingalie, Naval Hospital Guam Public Affairs Office | .
published: November 01, 2013

AGANA HEIGHTS, GUAM (Nov. 1, 2013)– Enacted in March 2010 The Affordable Care Act touches on a wide spectrum of the nation's healthcare delivery and financing systems. By 2014 the Affordable Care Act requires most individuals to maintain health insurance or other coverage that qualifies as "minimum essential coverage."

"There have been numerous questions and concerns recently from our TRICARE beneficiaries regarding the Affordable Care Act and how it would impact them individually," said U.S. Naval Hospital Guam Business Office Director Richard Boyer. "I want to reassure our beneficiaries that the TRICARE program is considered minimum essential coverage."

According to the Affordable Care Act, minimum essential coverage is health insurance coverage offered in the individual market. This includes a qualified health plan which one could have in enrolled in many ways. Some examples include a Health Insurance Marketplace known as an Exchange, an eligible employer-sponsored plan, or government-sponsored coverage such as Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, TRICARE, or veterans’ health care. Those who choose not to maintain minimum essential coverage and do not qualify for an exemption may be required to make a payment for each month of noncompliance.

"Hopefully this clarification will provide our beneficiaries peace of mind. Should they have any further questions they can contact their local health benefits advisor, Ms. Ruth Espinosa at 671-344-9425," said Boyer.

The following health plan options have the required coverage of the health care reform law:

• TRICARE Prime Remote
• TRICARE Prime Overseas
• TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas
• TRICARE Standard and Extra
• TRICARE Standard Overseas
• TRICARE For Life
• TRICARE Reserve Select (if purchased)
• TRICARE Retired Reserve (if purchased)
• TRICARE Young Adult (if purchased)
• US Family Health Plan

Beneficiaries also have the minimum essential coverage if you are covered by either of these transitional health plans:
• Transitional Assistance Management Program (premium-free, 180 days)
• Continued Health Care Benefit Program (if purchased, 18-36 months)

In the following scenarios, beneficiaries do not have minimum essential coverage:
• They are only eligible for care at military hospitals and clinics, and do not have TRICARE coverage.
• They are only eligible to get care for line of duty injuries and illnesses, and do not have TRICARE coverage.

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