Under the Banner of Team Osan: Improving the unit as we strengthen the team

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Under the Banner of Team Osan: Improving the unit as we strengthen the team

by: Tech. Sgt. Sadek Branford, Inspector General | .
51st Fighter Wing | .
published: June 12, 2014

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- If you are stationed here at Osan, there's certainly another readiness exercise around the corner. For this last exercise, Beverly Bulldog 14-02, our planners raised the bar high for Team Osan over the course of five days. The end result, if you don't know by now, was "Ineffective." Wow, that really hurts! I was at the debriefing and rest assured it was good to see your leaders had your backs.

I want to provide you with situational awareness and some feedback based on one of the Commander's Inspection Program Major Graded Areas: Improving the Unit that might help you during future exercises:

BB 14-02 Lessons Learned (and hopefully remembered):

1. It became somewhat evident that the Letter of Instruction wasn't widely disseminated to unit personnel. To correct this, those of us in IGI are working hard to streamline this lengthy (and somewhat confusing) document into a easier-to-digest Fighter Wing Instruction to give Airmen at all levels a common operating picture. It is vital to know what is expected during any exercise--not just the night before the event-at-hand! What's on your mind? Please email IGI at 51FW_IGI@us.af.mil with your inputs.

2. Pay attention to those subjects of interest:

  • Alarm conditions and the differences between them.
  • How to rapidly report UXOs and other critical information to your Unit Control Center, and in-turn the installation Emergency Operations Center.
  • How to keep your decon areas operational (filled with water) and utilized (Realistic and Robust Readiness).
  • Use spotters when backing up government motor vehicles.
  • Utilize protective ground crew ensemble when helping contaminated casualties or risk becoming a casualty yourself. Expect a 'dumb' kill for those not in the appropriate MOPP level or wearing it incorrectly. If IGI sees it, expect both observing WIT and the individual to get 'dumb' killed!
  • Learn how to properly use the ATNAA injectors; your life depends on it.
  • Ensure 51 FW NEO Wardens are trained and prepared to conduct NEO, and that military and DOD-affiliated noncombatants are trained and ready for NEO.

During BB 14-02, we discovered that we have some areas to improve on as a team. In order to avert minor and significant deficiencies, consult with your Unit Wing Inspection Team members and Unit Training Managers to discuss common mistakes and to ensure personnel have the required training and certifications. In the upcoming July exercise, you will be inspected on some of the same things, so why make the same mistakes?

I truly believe in strengthening the team and the power of leadership! You never know when the opportunity will come for you to lead; be ready to fight tonight! Make the conscious choice and put yourself in the right mindset. You won't be expecting the day when you might need every emergency management skill in your toolkit to get you and your wingman through adversity.

Make smart decisions, remember your training, and constantly ask yourself, "What would I really do?" Your hard work will pay off in the next exercise as we fight under the banner of Team Osan!

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