USFK ration guidance on OTC medication

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USFK ration guidance on OTC medication

by: 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs | .
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published: March 26, 2014

KUNSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- There are a lot of stories in the news about the abuse of prescription medication, but did you know over-the-counter medication can also be abused?

Some are abusing over-the-counter medications containing dextromethorphan, better known as DXM. The ingredient is typically found in cold and flu medications. If you notice someone purchasing excessive amounts of DXM medication, or notice an abundance of medication in his or her room, let authorities know.

USFK's law enforcement agencies noted an increase in misuse and abuse cases, logging more than two hundred potential cases in the past 18 months. This is a violation of USFK Policy Letter #6, Prohibited Substances, which may result in punitive actions under Article 92, UCMJ, or adverse administrative actions. Military law enforcement routinely checks the ration control monitoring system for signs of excess purchases and investigates potential cases.

"Because abuse and misuse of over-the-counter medications directly impacts readiness and our ability to fight tonight, USFK considers this a serious matter and we aggressively investigate and deal with those who violate policy," said Col. Laurence Lobdell, USFK Provost Marshal.

To mitigate the issue, and to provide unit-level leadership with greater awareness of potential abuse or misuse cases, USFK will begin actively using the ration control monitoring system to track purchases and provide notification to unit ration control monitors. This will begin Mar. 31. The monitoring threshold is three units (a unit is a bottle, box, etc.) per individual or family per month.

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