Yongsan conducts antiterrorism training during 9/11

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Yongsan conducts antiterrorism training during 9/11

by: Cpl. Samuel Han | .
published: September 14, 2012

YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- In conjunction with the events of 9/11, U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan conducted its Antiterrorism, Operations Security (OPSEC), and Threat Awareness Reporting Program (TARP) Training for U.S. and ROK Servicemembers and Civilians at the Multi-Purpose Training Facility, Sep. 11.

Robert Daul, antiterrorism officer for USAG Yongsan, said that ever since 9/11, the Army has made it a priority to be ready for possible terrorist threats. Thus, AT, OPSEC, and TARP training are conducted on USAG Yongsan every three months to prepare and equip Servicemembers and Civilians to be able to safeguard the garrison from terrorism.

The training, which was conducted by Special Agent Otis Stanley, counter intelligence agent for Seoul Military Intelligence Detachment, was provided in both English and Korean to accommodate for both ROK and U.S. parties. Through the training, Servicemembers and Civilians on USAG Yongsan were made aware of preventative measures against possible terrorist threats. The first training provided was TARP.

"Threat Awareness Reporting Program Training is about keeping people aware of the possible threats that exist here in Korea," Stanley said.

The class highlighted the fact that each individual was responsible for keeping information obtained on garrison confidential. Stanley explained that threats could come from both the outside and the inside, meaning garrison members needed to exercise caution at all times. He added that in the instance of a person asking for information regarding the garrison or its members, Servicemembers and Civilians needed to keep the information safe and notify the antiterrorism office about the incident.

TARP training was followed by AT and OPSEC training which taught members of the garrison how to be aware of their surroundings and develop good habits to protect the garrison from both internal and external threats.

"Outside forces can utilize any number of people who come in various forms to get information from us," Stanley said. "OPSEC is about teaching good practices, providing good security measures to avoid becoming a target, and keeping information from the enemy inadvertently."

Each year, USAG Yongsan ensures that each of its members is made fully aware of antiterrorist measures through training such as these. To learn more about proper antiterrorism measures, notify your supervisor or contact the antiterrorism office at DSN 738-7318.

"I feel that this training is paramount because it takes one individual to take down a whole organization," Stanley said. "So if we can raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding information about the U.S. from others, then we will be able to protect our country."

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