DODDS Pacific revises season competition limits


DODDS Pacific revises season competition limits

by: Dave Ornauer | .
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published: January 18, 2014

Some athletics directors expressed concern at this week’s DODDS Pacific ADs video conference that some schools were having problems playing a complete regular season when only two competitions were authorized in a given week.

An example is the Jan. 22 Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference Blue Division basketball games pitting Daegu at Taejon Christian International. DODDS announced in November that teams are limited to two competitive events per week.

Daegu has three games scheduled that week, and was unable to move that game to another date in the regular season. Their schedule is full, and KAIAC generally doesn’t schedule games during the Lunar New Year period with the heavy volume of traffic on the roads. There were also concerns about how games that are snowed out are reconciled.

In light of new guidance issued Friday by DODDS Pacific, that Jan. 22 game may get the go-ahead. Daegu’s AD, Ken Walter, said he contacted DODDS officials and asked for relief, and they told him they agreed, it was out of his control and they would see about getting the green light.

Here’s the revised guidance on competitions authorized as sent out by DODDS Pacific’s athletics coordinator, Don Hobbs, via e-mail on Friday:

-- Three competitions can be scheduled in a week as long as only one game is played during each of those competitions, if they find it necessary to fulfill league commitments and/or with other teams they have competed against in past years.
¬¬-- ADs should schedule three competitions in one week only when absolutely necessary.
-- If games are played on Tuesday, Thursday or any two days prior to the weekend, only one game is permitted on a Friday or Saturday.
-- Two games are permitted in one competition event, but only on Saturdays.
-- Maximum number of games that teams may play in one week is three.

The limit on total number of games/competitions in a basketball season remains at 16. It will be 14 for soccer and 12 for baseball and softball during the spring.

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