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by: Jazmyne Inthavongdy | .
Zukeran Elementary School | .
published: April 22, 2013

Hi!  My name is Jazmyne.  My dad is in the military.   I am used to my dad being gone.  He’s deployed right now actually.  I don’t like having him gone.  He misses things I want him to see.  He’s missed my birthday several times.  He missed when I was being born!  Yeah, it definitely isn’t easy, but I have to live with it.  And besides, I have lots of advantages too.  I can have so many friends, live in foreign countries, and have the advantage of being a military brat, and help our country.  Also, one of the advantages of having so many friends is that you can like them on Facebook!  And when you come home, and your parents decide they don’t want to be in the military any more, I know how we children think.  OH NO!  I’m going to be the new kid!  The odd ball out!  That’s what I thought.  I thought I would have no friends.  I mean, I was basically born into a military family.  Then I thought, “It might be easier to make friends.  Maybe I can use the fact I’m a military kid.”  I knew there would be someone to use it against me, but I’ll be fine.  So being a military kid has its do’s and don’ts, its yes’s and no’s, but if you think hard enough, being a military child is the best!

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