Month of the Military Child

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Month of the Military Child

by: Robyn Browne | .
Kadena High School | .
published: April 15, 2013

I remember the first time my mom told me we were moving to Japan. I felt like my whole world was about to end. I think that’s the hardest part of being a “Military Brat,”  moving away from your beloved school, moving away from you beloved stores, moving away from your beloved friends and family, but most of all moving away from your beloved memories and life. Then having to see your empty house just makes the situation even harder. Your room which was once a teenage wonderland, is now a empty room full of wires and hooks; your kitchen which was once covered with jars and cookbooks, is now just a room with a stove and a refrigerator; and your living room which was once a living paradise, is now a dead graveyard. Getting to the airport is just the cherry on the top of all your troubles. You start thinking: this is really it, I am actually leaving, my life won’t be the same.

Well, I won’t lie your life won’t be the same, you will sill miss your beloved school, store, friends, family, and memories. You will still miss your teenage wonderland room, your kitchen covered with jars and boxes of food, and your living room of paradise. But once you get settled in with your family you will start to see that there are other kids with the same situation as you. So don’t be scared or sad, enjoy your move.

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