My moms and me

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My moms and me

by: Joaquin-Quintana-McKinney | .
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published: May 10, 2013

Editor’s note: Here’s recent essay from our Month of the Military Child website that is still open for viewing and submitting stories. With Mother’s Day upon us, we thought readers might enjoy this teen’s loving take on his two moms.

My mom is a senior chief in the navy and my other mom is a photographer. Before the Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal, it was difficult for my moms to show their effection for one another in public or on base. They would call each other by their first names and act like they are just friends. It was weird because I felt like we were living separate lives. My mom that is in the military would always take me to her base and tell everyone that I was her son. She would bring me into her office and I would just watch her work. When my other mom would come on base I would have to watch what I say around others. But now that Don't Ask Don't Tell has been repealed we can be a family everywhere we go and not have to worry about getting into trouble by the military and my mom doesn't have to worry about being kicked out.

My biological mother and my other mother are not recognized as a married couple because of DOMA. My mom in the military had to adopt me so that I can get all the benefits the military has to offer that other kids with heterosexual parents get. This was also a way for my two moms to untie through me because if anything were to happen to either of my moms, the other one will be notified. My biological mother also has to get a special card that says that she can take me to the doctor or anywhere on the base if I have to. The parents of heterosexual parents don't have this, they have  "dependent cards" . I don't understand what the difference is between heterosexual parents and gay parents is. They should all get the same benefits. They are all serving our country. They are all contributing and putting their lives at risk for this country. So you see,  even though I am a military child with two moms. We are no different then any other family.

Photo: Joaquin Quintana-McKinney at the White House Mother's Day Tea Party hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden on May 9, 2010. Courtesy photo.


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