A Read-A-Thon Sleepover

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A Read-A-Thon Sleepover

by: Kris Adam Santos | .
Stripes Korea | .
published: January 27, 2013

The night was filled with food, laughter, and friends. It was not the type of sleepover one would expect in a library.

Students from Seoul American Elementary School participated in an overnight Read-A-Thon on January 18th, 2013. SAES librarian Amy Herk organized the event In addition to raising awareness, the Read-A-Thon was also a fundraiser to bring in children’s author and photographer Nic Bishop for a school event in the future.

Earlier in the year, Herk and other librarians from international schools voted for Nic Bishop as a guest of honor.

Bishop is known for writing and photographing nature books. Usually nonfiction, the books that he published offer a variety of different reading levels from elementary to high school. He is set to visit Seoul American Elementary School in late February.

The children from grades kindergarten to 5th formed a line at the entrance of library. The doors opened at 6 P.M. Volunteers of Herk helped out the students and their parents as they walked in.

Checking off their names, they gave each child a purple name tag with their names on it. According to Herk, 52 students signed up for the event.

Parents signed in their children one last time before letting them go for the night. An oversized reading chair sat next to the sign-in table. The children took turns sitting in the chair with their favorite books. This gave mothers and fathers an opportunity to take a picture of them – a moment serializing their experience.

The library grew with excitement and energy as students entered it. Students such as Frida Falkpborl, a student from 3rd grade, were happy about.

“This idea is wonderful, because my daughter enjoys activities like this,” said Howard Smith, father of Samantha Smith. He added “It is great that the school is doing extracurricular events.”

When parents left for the night, students were led to the media room. Volunteers set the room up with tabletops filled with crayons and paper. Students colored while they waited for dinner.

Complimentary food brought by the parents for dinner sat on the stage where the viewing screen hung. There were fruit snacks, chips, and muffins. The main course was corn dogs.

After the meal was served, the children spent the night reading books, viewing family movies, and exploring the library.

Giving the kids the opportunity to experience the library and its resources, the Read-A-Thon was once again a success. “I hope events like these will helps kids be excited to visit the library,” said Herk.

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