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by: Jy'Mir Starks | .
Zukeran Elementary School | .
published: April 09, 2013

My name is Jy’Mir Starks & I’m a military child.  My mom is a Lab Tech in the Navy.   She has the coolest job ever.  She checks for weird things in blood and helps people’s lives.  I have a new little sister and things are crazy right now but I have my grandma to help out.  I’m going to PCS ten days before my birthday which is August 13.  It’s going to be sad to leave my friends.  I’d also like to mention my awesome teachers since I got here:  Ms. Monica Howard, Mr. David Standridge, Mr. Steven Dutcher and Ms. Ann Guiffre.  They’re all great teachers.  So it’s fun being a military child because you can visit new places and meet new friends.  The next place I’d like to visit is Italy or France.  Right now I’m in Okinawa, Japan and live on Camp Foster.  I go to Zukeran Elementary School.

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