Thank you daddy for coming back home

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Thank you daddy for coming back home

by: Ashley Poole | .
Edgren High School | .
published: April 24, 2013

My daddy works for the U.S. government. He is a Fly chief. My daddy just came back from his 6 year deployment. My dad was at Oman and Korea. He was going back and forth. The first couple of years I was ok without my daddy. I was a good girl at home and in school. But somehow I started being a bad girl. I thought that I could do whatever I wanted at home because at home there was only my mommy. I really made my daddy worried and mad. Because I promised that I would be a good girl. But I broke my daddy's promise. Sometimes on the phone my daddy would cry. When I think back about what I have done to my daddy and mommy I feel really sad. When my daddy came back home after his long deployment, that first couple of months was weird. Because it was a long time not seeing him. I started to grow up more and think about others. I was happy about how I was changing. I think that I am a better girl than when my dad left. I noticed that having only one parent with you can be difficult. I think that I am really lucky to have two parents how love and support me. And thank you daddy for coming home. I love you daddy.

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