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Fuji-Q Highland's Dodonpa roller coaster offers a stomach-dropping fall.

Off-peak = off rides

It began with a countdown -- "3, 2, 1" -- and then the screaming commenced as my friends and I yelled our lungs out during a recent day trip to...

Soraksan National Park

By Seth Robson

Published: November 14, 2004

Towering peaks, multicolored foliage and crowds of middle-aged South Korean women are...

More than just beaches

A man in a bright yellow apron reaches into a bin of water, plucks out a squirming gray eel and, without a pause, deftly severs its head with a...

Thawing out in Deokjeokdo

By Erik Slavin

Published: March 8, 2009

Walking around a city like Seoul has it challenges, such as avoiding low-hanging awnings and...

Fried food alley

By Teri Weaver and Hwang Hae-Rym

Published: March 15, 2009

When we told the cab driver we wanted to go to Gongdeok-dong, he seemed...

Mount Seorak: climbing majestic

By Ashley Rowland

Published: November 1, 2009

By the time I realized that climbing to the peak of a very high mountain with nothing...

It's no Paris

Seoul's Seorae neighborhood?

French people love Japanese food.

Or so you would think after walking through Seorae, Seoul's inaptly-...

Get taste of Korean national treat at small Field Museum

By Alfredo Jimenez Jr.

Published: March 7, 2010



A kids' happy place

By Alfredo Jimenez Jr.

Published: October 14, 2010

Seoul Children's Grand Park offers diversions at varying speeds

My family...

Look alive at the Seoul Animation Center

By Alfredo Jimenez Jr.

Published: May 9, 2010

Do you or your kids like to play with clay? If so, the Seoul Animation Center is for...

Explore and interact and learn at Seoul science museum

By Alfredo Jimenez Jr.

Published: November 18, 2010

The Gwacheon National Science Museum in Seoul makes for a nice one-stop shop for...

Buddha’s birthday!

Traditional lanterns light up celebration in South Korea

South Korea’s celebration of Buddha’s birthday can be as memorable as it is...