51st MDG Delayed Team manages crisis patients


51st MDG Delayed Team manages crisis patients

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published: May 23, 2016

Readiness exercise Beverly Herd 16-01 kicked off on May 9, and brought a vast variety of scenarios with it, ranging from simulated attacks on base opposition forces to sheltering in

place. The 51st Medical Group was an active player in the exercise, taking in

patients with simulated wounds and injuries, but the first responders weren’t

the only critical members of the medical response force.


“The Delayed Team’s mission is to keep patients stabilized and prepare

them either to go back to the fight or leave on an aero evacuation,” said Capt.

Samuel Madson, 51st Medical Operations Squadron pediatrician and Delayed

Team chief.


The Delayed Team does not handle the most critical patients sent to the

emergency room, but they play the vital role of determining the status of and

providing care for the wounded who are on the cusp of going critical.

The medical portion of Beverly Herd was designed to present realistic

scenarios to medical personnel based on injuries seen in the field.

“We wanted to see what limiting factors we could find so we can minimize

them in a real world situation,” said Maj. Jerod Rieger, 51st MDG wing

inspection team chief.


Some of quick decisions that medical personnel need to be able to make

are whether or not they can save a patient, if they have the tools necessary to

support a patient, and if they have the blood, drugs and other medical supplies

necessary to keep a patient alive, said Rieger.

“We sustain the fight,” said Madson. “We make it so that anybody that is

injured can be taken care of and get them back into the fight.”

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