Amphibious Bus Tours to debut in Busan


Amphibious Bus Tours to debut in Busan

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published: October 21, 2015

An amphibious bus – capable of operating on land as well as in the water – is set to debut in Busan.

Aiming to boost maritime tourism, Busan City plans to launch an amphibious bus, which will operate in Gwangalli, Suyeonggang River and in Haeundae.

It is expected that tourists will be eager to witness and try out a unique, versatile vehicle aimed at revitalizing the tourism industry.

This unstoppable machine is actually a refurbished bus, which can be operated on land and at sea. On land, it will run just like a tour bus until it hits the water, where its wheels will retract, allowing it to float on the water.

This kind of tour using an amphibious bus is nicknamed the “Duck Tour” since it’s mobile on land and in the water, just like a duck.

Tours using amphibious buses are already catching on in major cities worldwide – Seattle has Ride the Ducks, Tokyo has Sky Duck and Singapore has the Duck Tour.

Last May, Incheon was the first to adopt an aqua bus. Gyeongin Arabaetgil (a canal between the Han River and the East Sea) operated the amphibious vehicle for the first time in Korea.

Under the guidance of the government, Busan City plans to roll out the first amphibious bus in the area near Suyeonggang River. The bus will start out from Gwangalli Beach, float on the Suyeonggang River, come back on land to run to Busan Cinema Center, Centum City, BEXCO, Busan Museum of Art, Gwangan Bridge and Samik Apartment. Then it will loop back to Gwangalli Beach.

Passengers will enjoy the hour-long tour, which includes 25 minutes on the water over 5 kilometers (3.3 miles) and 35 minutes on land, covering 15 kilometers.

Busan City plans to host a business seminar for the operation of the amphibious bus. It will also call on the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries to revise related guidances so that the vehicle can run both in the river and in the ocean to include both the Suyeonggang River and the sea off Gwangalli.

The Gwangalli area, in particular, is judged to have the best conditions to run such a bus, as the river meets the ocean there.

It also boasts stunning scenery, the Gwangan Bridge and Marine City. Expectations for this mode of transportation are high, and it is hoped it will lead to the development of more experiential tourism products, promising a one-of-a-kind experience for all.

Lead Image: Budapest Amphibious Bus Tour

Source: Busan City News via Dynamic Busan

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