Attention MMA Fans!


Attention MMA Fans!

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published: July 10, 2012

MMA Fans!
That primal need to witness a fight is hereby answered: We bring to you Stripes MMA.

No, you don't have to smack anyone to be a member (that one's entirely your call to make). What we are offering is an official Stripes-crafted newsletter to bring you up-to-date news in the world of MMA-delivered with that singular U.S. military perspective.

When you sign up, the newsletter will bring you material on Mixed Martial Arts and events throughout the military community. You'll receive the latest in MMA and military combative news. We'll also be providing content on fighters all over the world, amateur and pro.

Sign up now to get on our mailing list. That puts you at the head of the queue for getting MMA updates – plus you'll be able to give us your feedback and request more information regarding other events.

Go to our Forums page and tell us about your MMA experience!


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