Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas 2014 kicks off


Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas 2014 kicks off

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published: November 03, 2014

This year’s Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas, or CFC-O, kicked off Sept. 8 for U.S. military members and federal employees serving overseas. This campaign runs through Dec. 5th and lets you donate to more than 2,600 charities in the Charities Listings, with missions ranging from fighting hunger, protecting the Earth and funding education to defending animal rights, curing diseases and helping wounded warriors.

A web version of the Charities Listings is at:

The Department of Defense campaign aims to reduce workplace disruptions by consolidating all approved solicitations into one annual campaign under DOD guidelines. The CFC-O includes the Pacific Command (PACOM) and four other unified combatant commands.  The PACOM campaign manager and assistant are located on Yokota Air Base and they administer the CFC-O for Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Kwajalein and Philippines. We asked Tanya Powell, PACOM campaign manager, to tell us more.

Q: Tell us a little about this year's Combined Federal Campaign.

The campaign is moving at a consistent but slower pace from previous years.  Operations tempo in the Pacific has been high and may be impacting the campaign, but dedicated campaign workers will continue to ensure 100% informed opportunity to give to all who wish to pledge to help others through the campaign. We just received word the 2014 CFC-O campaign will be extended this year.  This means the last day for active solicitation will be December 5, 2014, giving many federal employees the opportunity to hear about the benefits of giving to the CFC-O.  The beauty of the CFC-O is that each contributor gets to decide which charitable organization to support. Contributors support causes that are important to them. There are more than 2,600 national and international organizations, along with over 18,000 local charitable organizations to choose from, so everyone can find something that resonates with them.  The other great thing about the CFC is that it combines everyone’s individual contribution to create a LOT of support for these worthy organizations. 

Q: Why should someone donate via the CFC instead of directly to the charity of their choice?

I am going to give you four good reasons – the 4 Cs – Confidence, Convenience, Choice and Caring. CONFIDENCE - The entire program falls under the oversight of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in Washington DC. The code of federal regulations, Department of Defense instructions and branch of service regulations all govern the program. Additionally, charitable organizations must meet a set of requirements to be included in the program. CONVENIENCE - There are three convenient ways to make a pledge to the CFC, DFAS MyPay, CFC-O e-Giving on our website, and the traditional paper pledge card.  CHOICE - There are over 2600 national and international charities in our charity listing, and new for 2014 you are able to choose from over 18,000 local charities to choose from.  So, if there is a charity or organization from home you want to donate to, go to our website and type the name in the charity search box.  If the charity is CFC approved, you will be all set to give.  CARING – Federal employees tend to be very generous with their giving.  And this combined with their service, military or civilian, is why we know they care.  Caring for people in need is what the CFC is all about. In fact, it is even reflected in our theme this year: Give to make a difference. Give because you care.

Q: What are some of the ways someone can contribute to the CFC?

There are three ways to give to the CFC-O.  MyPay is a simple and convenient way to give utilizing payroll allotment through DFAS.  CFC-O eGiving allows contributors to make a contribution using their credit card, debit card or a direct deposit from their checking or savings account. Contributors can also choose to make a onetime contribution  or set up a monthly recurring pledge.  Or potential donors may also use the paper pledge card.  In addition to these charities, the CFC-O also offers contributors a chance to support their own local military community through Family Support and Youth Programs or FSYP.  FSYP is a program unique to the CFC-O. When a contributor wants to support FSYP, he or she fills out a pledge card, but then does not select any charities. This is called an “undesignated” contribution. We collect all of these undesignated contributions and then return them back to the installation of origin. Installation commanders can use these funds to improve quality of life for the military members, civilians and families living and working there.

Q: Is there anything else the military community in the Pacific should know about this year’s CFC?

Yes, I would like to mention the charities and people around the world depend on the funds raised through the campaign. Contributors can choose to help improve quality of life locally on their installations, back home in their communities through universal giving, or around the world.  Last year the CFC-Overseas raised over $10.9 million for more than 2600 charitable organizations around the world.  Just to give you an idea of the kind of impact it makes, $10.9 million dollars could supply antibiotics for 4,360,000 ill children allow 545,000 military members and their families to stay in touch during deployments or even feed 389,289 animals living in animal shelters for a month.  This is just an example of the work we can do together.  If you are interested in helping those in need by giving to the CFC-O, contact one of our wonderful campaign representative in your area and they will be happy to walk you through the process. 

For more information on the CFC-O program, call PACOM Campaign Manager at (DSN) 315-225-9997, (Commercial) (81)42507-9997, or visit the CFC-O official webpage at:

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