At Day's End in Area I, Colors lowered with martial decorum


At Day's End in Area I, Colors lowered with martial decorum

by: Sgt. Park Sung-ho | .
U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud | .
published: September 02, 2016

On Camp Red Cloud in Uijeongbu Aug. 23, the time-honored military tradition of formally ending the day with the firing of a cannon and the lowering of the colors is carried out by Soldiers of the 2nd Infantry Division/ROK-U.S. Combined Division.

The division’s Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion provides Soldiers for the detail daily year-round. At Camp Red Cloud, the process begins with a Soldier readying Camp Red Cloud’s 75 mm pack howitzer for firing, after which, he assumes the position of parade rest while the flag-lowering detail, led by a noncommissioned officer, marches to their positions below the flagstaffs, at which fly the flags of South Korea and the United States.

Then, at the first note of a bugle sounding “To the Color”, the Soldiers begin bringing down the flags and in the next moment the Soldier at the cannon yanks the lanyard, firing the howitzer. The flags are then folded with careful deliberate motions that convey dignity and respect.

With the flags folded, the sergeant leading the detail then re-assembles the Soldiers and marches them off.

Staff Sgt. Terry Drake led the detail, which included the Soldier who fired the howitzer, Pfc. Austin Sisson, and eight others, who lowered the flags: Pfc. Arik Espinoza, Pfc. Jeoung Bo-sung, Pfc. Ko Jin-seob, Cpl. Lee Jong-kuk, Cpl. Park Gi-tae, Pfc. Albert Pollard, Pfc. Flora Rojas, and Pfc. Shanika Watson.

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