Expo 2012 taking place in Yeosu until August 12


Expo 2012 taking place in Yeosu until August 12

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published: June 05, 2012

Yeosu, Korea - Expo 2012 will take place in Yeosu, Korea, from May 12 through Aug 12, 2012.  The Expo features national, themed, and corporate pavilions (building-sized exhibitions).  The organizers expect 8-10 million visitors this year from all over the world.

The U.S. is an official participant in the Yeosu Expo, joining more than 100 other national and international exhibitors.  Ambassador Sung Kim is the U.S. Commissioner to the Expo. The USA Pavilion is made possible through a public-private partnership, with funding from the private sector and other partners.  National Days and other special celebrations will occur at the Expo throughout the summer.  July 4 is the USA National Day at the Expo.

U.S. military personnel and their families in Korea visiting Expo 2012 Yeosu this summer do not have to wait in line to experience the USA Pavilion. They should walk around the queue (upper floor, waterside, northeast corner of the International Pavilion) and tell the Student Ambassador managing the line that he or she is an American service member. Service members and their family members will then be ushered into the next show.

The Yeosu Expo web site http://eng.expo2012.kr/main.html  provides information about events, tickets, and transportation.  You may also visit the U.S. embassy Web site at http://seoul.usembassy.gov/yeosu-expo2012.html for more information. The USA Pavilion web site: http://www.pavilion2012.org/ .

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