Fall is in the air, here comes Halloween


Fall is in the air, here comes Halloween

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published: October 02, 2013

Hello military community,

As we begin the month of October, I look forward to the world being painted in vibrant colors of orange, red, browns and burgundy. The fresh crisp autumn air pulls at the changing leaves, allowing them to fall into a swirling mass of colors. October can remind you of winter and to some this is hard to come to terms with. But it reminds us of Halloween and all the spooky things that come out at night.

Why people find Halloween evil, wicked and to be avoided, I don’t understand. I take solace and enjoyment in the creativity and fun, festive atmosphere. And, come on! Who doesn’t love costumes and candy? Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday.

I enjoy the trudging through dirt-paved corn fields in search of cornhusks and pumpkin patches, feeling my heart race with joy while picking pumpkins and the feel of mushy slimy orange guts squishing through my knuckles. I love cooking the pumpkin seeds with salt, watching Halloween movie classics, and running from spooky scary faces holding a chainsaw while venturing through the latest and greatest haunted attraction with my daughter and her friends. These are memories to cherish forever.

Before my husband and I had our daughter I did not decorate my house nor did I dress up. It just seemed weird. I enjoyed watching children trick o’ treat, and I did hand out candy (sometimes, I tended to eat the bag first). Then our daughter came along and the fun began! I dressed my daughter up as a lady bug that first year and the enjoyment on her face as she went door to door hooked me for life.

Since then, this household has not been the same during the month leading up to October 31. Starting in September we go to all the stores in town and check out the websites to find the perfect Halloween costume – and they go fast. For those of you that live on bases, it is extra important to take note this, as the pickings at the PX/BX are minimal and lack variety. (Come on, you can only be a witch, vampire and Disney character so many times.) As for the decorations in my house, all I can say is Martha Stewart would be proud.

One of the things that continues to amaze me is how much candy kids accumulate over the weeks leading up to this ghoulish day – even high schoolers! Cheyenne comes home from school with her bag filled with candy each day. It’s never ending throughout October from friends, teachers, the bus driver and parties at school. No matter how hard you try to escape the candy, it’s there – then comes the night of trick or treat.

What to do with all that candy? After a while you get kind of sick of all the sticky, chewy, chocolate mess. Yes, I know its sacrilege to even say that. But really what do you do with all the candy you don’t like, don’t want or just get sick of? Indeed …

Blessings from my family to yours,

Kim Suchek

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