Food and beverage prices still among the highest in the world


Food and beverage prices still among the highest in the world

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published: January 15, 2015

The prices of food and beverages like beef and coffee in Seoul are among the highest in the world despite the number of free trade agreements (FTAs) South Korea has signed with other countries, a consumer report showed Monday.

In a survey of 13 major cities throughout the world, Seoul was found to have one of the highest prices for 35 food and drink items, according to the report by local civic group Consumer Korea.

The prices of 42 different supplies and products were studied in June and October of last year. The cities surveyed in the report include New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, London, Milan, Toronto, Sydney, Madrid, Amsterdam and Taipei.

The report showed that the local Starbucks coffee chains in Seoul, for example, sell the most expensive tall-sized cup of Americano in the world at 4,100 won, exceeding the price of same coffee in Paris, Beijing, Tokyo and Amsterdam. Seoul’s price is 65.5 percent higher than the cheapest cup of the Americano sold in New York.

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