The Hand and Malt Launches Berliner Sour: The K Weisse

Photo by Fennerfotos
Photo by Fennerfotos

The Hand and Malt Launches Berliner Sour: The K Weisse

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published: May 06, 2016

The Berliner Weisse is a German sour that shines in the summer months. This type of beer is typically low in alcohol-by-volume but packs a seriously sour punch.

On April 29, 2016 Hand and Malt Brewing Company released their own sour Berliner, the K Weisse, with just a touch of local flair. As is typical in Berlin, The Hand and Malt sweetens their lemony, super-tart weisse with a raspberry syrup made in-house. The beer can be had sans-syrup, advised for serious sour fiends only.

The K Weisse was soured with a lactobacillus, the bacteria that gives sours their taste, derived from local kimchi.

The Hand and Malt gave away free samples at the April 29 event in their beautiful, recently-opened brewpub space near Ewha Women’s University. They expect kegs of K Weisse to be regularly available on tap soon for the summer season.

Find out more on The Hand and Malt’s Facebook page.

Image courtesy of The Hand and Malt.

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