High end rollers: The weather is right to spin in style


High end rollers: The weather is right to spin in style

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published: July 16, 2014

Lynskey Litespeed C1

Lynsky LightspeedThe Lynskey website reads: “We’re located in the quiet town of Chattanooga, Tennessee but the bikes we make are anything but that.” OK, so they need a better copywriter on the website, but if you’re looking for something solid to mount, Lynskey has you covered. Peninsula-side, their bikes will run you from 5 million won up to a cool 15 million. Still reading? The Litespeed company, founded by the Lynskey family, specializes in titanium and carbon-fiber frames. Lance Armstrong rode a Litespeed Blade, painted and labeled as a Trek brand bike, during the 1999 Tour de France time trials. Apparently, this is not uncommon, as pro cyclists would rather ride a Litespeed frame over that made by their sponsors. Buy online or ask your local dealer where you can pick one up. www.lynskeyperformance.com


StridaStrida is one of the lightest, fastest folding bicycles on the market. It comes with a sturdy, yet light-weight aluminum frame, solid components and a kevlar belt, rather than a chain. A plus being that you can say goodbye to grease and grime (in case you want to bicycle to your wedding). A more likely advantage of the kevlar belt is that it never needs to be adjusted. And whatever worries you might have about the belt breaking, forget about it - the material is the same used by Harley Davidson on its slightly more torque-heavy, two-wheeled, noise pollution machines. (Editor’s note: This is in no way meant to offend Harley riders. While the roar has run its course and seen its day, we do respect that a great many Harley riders are larger than some of our staff combined.) Depending on the model, Strida will run you between 600,000 to 800,000 won. www.strida.com

Playdate Bike Club Standard Single Speed Bicycle

playdateRide around like a real playa. Shoulders back, hands resting atop the handlebars. It’s cruise time. Courtesy of our Japanese neighbors comes Playdate Bike Club, what they refer to as a “mixture of throwback style and high-performance components - presenting a uniquely nostalgic, modern bicycle that looks good and rides better.” And, it’s got the cool name to boot. This high-rider city cruiser will run you over a million won, but you will surely ride off the sticker shock after a few leisurely kilometers. www.acebook.com/playdatebikeclubjapan

Dahon D7 Obsidian

Dahon ObsidianDahon is another of the folding bikes genus, featuring some of the most popular folders on the market. Former physicist Dr. David Hon spent seven years in his Los Angeles garage perfecting the first Dahon bike. His founding mission was to “make a greener world.” Being green ain’t cheap, so look to plop down over a million won for the good doctor, whose highly regarded bicycles now occupy two-thirds of the folding bike market worldwide, having won Europe's prestigious Eurobike award three times at the world’s largest international bike show. It folds up in a few simple steps and is built with the highest quality components, so you can pass it down to the grandkid someday. www.dahon.com

Burley Bicycle Trailer

Bike TrailerA car has a trunk, so why shouldn’t your bike have one? We don’t advise putting your kid in the trunk, but you can safely put them in the Burley Bicycle Trailer. No kids? Then throw your tent and sleeping bag in there and head up the coast for a few days of riding and camping. If you treat your gear like your child and want it to ride comfortably and safely, then you’ll be glad to know that the Burley comes with a padded, hammock-style seat, a lightweight aluminum frame and a five-point harness system. We’re not sure how much better that is than a four-point harness system, but hell, you can never be too careful with the safety of your sleeping bag. You can pick one up online or at a local bike shop for just under a million won. www.burley.com


BromptonFounded in 1976 and based in Greater London, the Brompton company makes the sturdy line of foldable bikes that you see more and more people tooling around town on. With a superb ride, the bike can be folded into a carry-on in 20 seconds. Albeit a heavy carry-on, it does make for a convenient set of wheels in suburbia. With a price tag that'll run you over 2 million won, you’ll probably want to keep it in your bedroom. You can check out a wide selection of Bromptons at Cafe 6ixmiles in Marine City. The generously open corner location just off the water also serves as a rest spot for large numbers of weekend riders. www.facebook.com/cafe6miles.

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